Energy Portal guidance

Aims of the portal

  • Allow the UK Oil Industry to apply for and receive consent or direction electronically on a wide range of activities relating to Hydrocarbon Exploration, Production, Development, Decommissioning and the protection of the Environment.
  • Provide improved and streamlined Government administration procedures in support of this.
  • Support the monitoring of consented activities within the UK and ensure conformance with Petroleum Licence obligations, good practice and regulations.
  • Provide an environment which is adaptable to changes in future legislation and the realisation of improved administration and regulation.
  • Take advantage of initiatives within the global Oil industry on data and information exchange standards and internet data services

What you can do on the oil portal

You can apply for consent to drill and conduct other activities on a well and notify the OGA of these through the WONS system (Well Operations and Notifications System).


The guidance below will be updated based on feedback

For any data enquiries or how to use WONS please contact, or

For any IT problems, errors etc please email: with any associated error messages

Production Reporting

Petroleum reporting is handled under the PPRS (Petroleum Production Reporting System) system. The submission guidance on this system describes the data requirements and format for the reporting of hydrocarbon production from offshore and onshore fields and terminals in the UK.  The PPRS system was enhanced on 9 June 2017.

Further details, including the submission guidance

Further information can be requested by contacting


  • You can apply for dispensation from submitting an Environmental Statement.
  • You can apply for all Permits to use and discharge certified chemicals.
  • You can report oil or chemical spills from offshore installations and pipelines

Portal Environmental Tracking System ('PETS')

The Portal Environmental Tracking System (‘PETS) is BEIS’s new environmental permitting system accessed via the UK Energy Portal. The system is now live.

The system has been developed to streamline the current permitting processes involved in applying for chemical permits and requests for Directions under the current environmental legislation that cover a wide range of offshore activities. BEIS have also integrated a number of other subsidiary applications, some of which were previously paper-based, into the new system.

The new PETS system seeks to integrate the old style PON15 applications under one centralised Master Application Template (‘MAT’) which will be applied for under the following activity headings:

  • Drilling Operation;
  • Well Intervention Operation;
  • Pipeline Operation;
  • Production Operation;
  • Decommissioning Operation; and
  • Standalone Application.

Within each of these MAT types the Operator will then be able to separately submit and manage the various Subsidiary Application Templates (‘SATs’) to enable the operator to undertake the selected activity.

To use PETS you need a UK Energy Portal account. If you do not have an account then follow the instructions set out in the PETS User Guidance document below. Once you have an account with the required PETS access you will see new links on the left-hand sidebar. Depending on your PETS permissions these will be MAT Create, PETS Search and PETS Teams.

The PETS screens have been designed to act as a wizard, guiding the user through the various approval processes with hint text. A more detailed guidance document has been prepared and will be updated regularly.

PETS - Industry User Guidance (PDF, 2.04MB, 40 pages)

For further information and support please contact the OPRED Business Support Team ( or telephone: 01224 254037.

Petroleum e-business assignments and relinquishment system (PEARS)

The new system provides both security and ease of use by enabling licensees to deal with the following casework for their offshore Production Licences without the need for paper documents:

  • Licence assignments
  • Operator approvals
  • Equity interest changes (including field interests and management of subareas)
  • Licence administrator changes
  • Licence relinquishment
  • Surrenders of acreage
  • Data confirmations and corrections


Decommissioning notices issued under Section 29 of the Petroleum Act 1988 are issued electronically.

Production Consents

You can apply for Production, Flaring and Venting Consents.

Annual Field Returns

You can submit Annual Field Returns electronically

Licence Round Applications (LARRY)

You can apply for onshore and offshore petroleum licences during a licensing round held by the OGA.

Licence Administration (PEARS)

You can apply on-line for changes to licences in which you are involved e.g. assignments and relinquishments.

How the portal makes working with BEIS and the OGA easier

  • It removes the need wherever possible to submit paper and takes advantage of the speed of electronic transfer.
  • It makes the consent, direction and notification process more efficient by making electronic applications immediately and concurrently available to all relevant parties, irrespective of their geographical location. There is no longer the need to wait while paper files are passed between people.
  • It provides contacts who will support both the Business Process side and the Information Technology side should a problem arise.
  • It provides a reliable audit of the entire submission, review and consent/direction process with accountability.
  • It provides you with reliable confirmation of receipt by BEIS and the OGA of all applications and notifications submitted.
  • It provides a conduit for BEIS (formerly DECC) and the OGA to disseminate relevant information back to you and other key people.

UK information and data available

  • The OGA’s policy is to place information in the public domain within agreed guidelines.
  • Operators with registered UK Oil Portal accounts will also have access to a full history of their submissions made to BEIS and the OGA including feedback, consent and direction received from BEIS and the OGA.
  • Data held on the Oil and Gas Authority website replaces the previous paper publication called the Brown Book.  The final printed version was published in 2002.