The OGA’s general approach to consulting from 1 January 2018

The following is the general approach the OGA will normally take on consulting (including on guidance):
• Where there is a statutory duty or other legal expectation on the OGA to consult, the OGA will hold a formal consultation*.
• Where the OGA is to issue a formal consultation, the OGA may hold an informal consultation/road-testing** before doing so.
• Otherwise, where the OGA intends to either change or clarify its processes through guidance or other means; or input into legislative proposals, the OGA may hold an informal consultation/road-testing** before doing so, depending on the impact of the change or input.

* Formal consultation: with a document published on the OGA’s website. The OGA will aim for a minimum of 4 weeks wherever possible, and longer if appropriate
**Informal consultation/road-testing: to check for unintended consequences, factual accuracies and/or clarity of the guidance or proposal, normally via the MER UK Steering group or a MER UK taskforce.

Consultation on guidance to assess financial capability

The OGA is consulting on the guidance it uses to assess financial capability at the time of a licensing event offshore and onshore

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OGA response to consultation on proposed regulations for the retention and disclosure of information and samples

Regulations governing the retention of petroleum-related information and samples were laid in parliament on 24 April 2018, by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

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OGA response to the consultation on proposals to increase the OGA levy to fund the UK Oil and Gas National Data Repository (NDR)

This consultation sought views on the establishment of a UK National Data Repository (NDR), which would be funded through the OGA levy payable by all offshore petroleum licensees.

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