PON 14b

Notification of intention to carry out onshore geophysical surveys

PON 14b should only be used by operators to notify the OGA of their intention to undertake landward surveys and/or offshore surveys and shallow drilling in internal waters.

Applicants are responsible for gaining landowner and other relevant permissions prior to carrying out any onshore geophysical survey.

Please submit the form by post, fax or email to both the OGA and UKOGL:

Toni Harvey 
Oil and Gas Authority 
4th Floor 
21 Bloomsbury Street

Telephone: 0300 067 1611
Fax: 0300 068 5003
Email: toni.harvey@ogauthority.co.uk


Neil Anderton 
UK Onshore Geophysical Library 
c/o Lynx Information Systems Ltd 
93-99 Upper Richmond Road 
London SW15 2TG 

Telephone: 0208 780 2634
Fax: 0208 780 0931
Email: neil@ukogl.org.uk