Record and sample requirements for offshore surveys and wells

PON 9 sets out the OGA’s specific requirements and licensee reporting obligations with regard offshore well and seismic data. The notice applies to all offshore surveys and all exploration, appraisal and development wells in offshore areas. It does not include notices covered elsewhere, including:

  • application for consent to drill wells
  • application to abandon or temporarily abandon a well
  • application to complete and/or workover a well
  • The OGA well numbering system (PON 12)
  • application for consent for geophysical surveys (PON 14a)
  • reporting of petroleum production (PPRS)

The specific requirements for offshore well and seismic licence data set out in this PON were agreed in principle through consultation with industry, Oil & Gas UK and PILOT in the PILOT Data Lifecycle Initiative endorsed in May 2003.

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