Seismic acquisition

The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced £20 million of funding for a seismic acquisition programme in the March 2015 budget, and a further £20 million of funding for an additional programme in March 2016.

2015 programme

In 2015, we acquired almost 20,000 line kilometres of new high-quality data from the underexplored Rockall Trough and Mid-North Sea High areas of the UKCS.

In March 2016, having completed an intensive processing programme using the latest processing technologies, we released almost 40,000 line kilometres of new and legacy seismic data, making the key datasets available for free download from the National Data Repository.

We also launched a £500,000 competition encouraging geoscientists and engineers to develop innovative interpretations and products using the data acquired from the Rockall Basin and Mid-North Sea High areas.

2016 programme

Our 2016 seismic programme collected approximately 10,000 and 15,000 km of new seismic data from the under-explored frontier areas of South West Britain and the East Shetland Platform. The acquisition began in July and was completed in October 2016. The data was released to industry in 2017.

Seismic surveys were undertaken across the East Shetland Platform which includes the East Orkney Basin, East Fair Isle Basin and Dutch Bank Basin, and around South West Britain, including; the Celtic Sea, Western English Channel, Bristol Channel, St George’s Channel and the Irish Sea.

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