National Data Repository (NDR)

The United Kingdom’s first offshore National Data Repository for petroleum-related information and samples (NDR) is a key piece of the UK’s digital infrastructure.

All offshore petroleum licensees and owners / operators of offshore infrastructure have access to the NDR to facilitate their reporting obligations to the OGA. The OGA may use the NDR to disclose reported information to any registered user, subject to statutory confidentiality periods.

Registered users may access the NDR at

The NDR addresses many industry and regulatory needs – including:

  • Ensuring enduring regulatory access to critical petroleum-related information and samples
  • Enabling the retention and reporting obligations of relevant persons to be discharged
  • Enabling the disclosure of petroleum-related information by the OGA
  • Facilitating collaborative data interchange between relevant persons, the broader oil and gas industry, academia, and the regulator to encourage economic activity
  • Ensuring that maximum value is derived from petroleum-related information by ensuring the widest possible transparent access
  • Ensuring the sustainable curation of petroleum-related information and samples

Registered users can search, view and download disclosed information free of charge or order data for delivery on media, on a cost reflective basis.

By ensuring that industry, academia and the wider public have ready access to timely and transparent data the OGA is working to create the conditions for the investment and innovation necessary to Maximise Economic Recovery.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the NDR

The OGA has been asked on a number of occasions about how any personal data contained in information submitted to the NDR will be protected.

The information reported to the NDR is being collected, and may be published, in the exercise of a function conferred on the OGA by legislation. The OGA does not require personal data to be provided in information. Relevant persons may, if they wish, remove any personal data from information before it is submitted to the NDR.

If relevant persons have concerns they are not complying with data protection legislation in submitting information to the NDR, they should seek independent legal advice.

Latest News on the NDR

  • On 25 March 2019, the NDR was officially launched at an event in the Oil and Gas Authority office in Aberdeen. Further details can be found here in the Press Notice, issued to accompany the launch.  You can also view the videos that were shown to accompany the official launch of the NDR here.  
  • The NDR was launched to Relevant Persons on 20th February 2019. Over 100 licensees and owners / operators of infrastructure have been granted access to execute their regulatory obligations and benefit from access to information that has been acquired and reported over decades of operations in the UKCS and subsequently disclosed by the OGA. Industry users also benefit from the opportunities the NDR offers to support collaboration through sharing of information.
  • On 22nd January 2019 the OGA ran an event to introduce NDR Company Administrators to the NDR and recent updates to regulations in relation to petroleum related information and samples. Hosted at Oil & Gas UK in Aberdeen and London, over 70 people attended. The slides presented are available here.


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The OGA’s policy on handling personal information is available here.