National Data Repository (NDR)

The United Kingdom’s National Data Repository for petroleum-related information and samples (NDR) is a key piece of UK digital infrastructure.

All offshore petroleum licensees and owners / operators of offshore infrastructure have access to the NDR to facilitate their reporting obligations to the OGA. The OGA may use the NDR to disclose reported information to any registered user, subject to statutory confidentiality periods.

Anyone with an interest in petroleum-related information may register to search, view and download disclosed information, free of charge, or to order data for delivery on media, on a cost reflective basis.

The NDR is available here:

The NDR addresses many industry and regulatory needs – including:

  • Ensuring global access to unique and irreplaceable petroleum-related information
  • Enabling the retention and reporting obligations of relevant persons to be discharged
  • Enabling the disclosure of petroleum-related information by the OGA
  • Facilitating collaborative data interchange between relevant persons, the broader oil and gas industry, academia, and the regulator to encourage economic activity
  • Ensuring that maximum value is derived from petroleum-related information by ensuring the widest possible transparent access
  • Ensuring the sustainable curation of petroleum-related information and samples

By ensuring that industry, academia and the wider public have ready access to timely and transparent data the OGA is creating the conditions for the investment and innovation necessary to Maximise Economic Recovery and to enable the Energy Transition.

Latest News on the NDR

The OGA launched the online NDR to industry users in February 2019. 25th March 2020 marked the first anniversary of the service’s launch to the wider industry, academia and the general public.

During the NDR’s first year of operation the volume of well data stored increased by 378 GB, representing an increase of 9% in one year, to a total of 4.6 TB. This demonstrates a leap forward in the reporting of data that has been acquired by licensees over the previous five decades. Drilling activity in recent years has been comparatively low; rather than relating to recent activity this data is overwhelmingly related to older wellbores, meaning that almost all of it is immediately eligible for disclosure in support of the OGA’s ambition and priorities. The OGA attributes this pronounced increase to efforts by industry, with OGA oversight, to comply with reporting obligations in the execution of Information and Samples Plans, as well as the upload of quality digital well logs and other data acquired by the OGA to better enable industry to characterise the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) subsurface.

The OGA intends to further integrate the NDR with the wider Digital Energy Platform using a replacement technology. This will be developed from the second half of 2020, with a view to launching an initial solution towards mid-2021. The OGA intends to continuously enhance and improve the new NDR solution to best suit the needs of the widening user-base.

NDR Update – Issue 1. December 2020

NDR Update - Issue 2. February 2021

High-quality photos of wellbore samples (February 2021) 

Thousands of high-quality photos of samples from over 9,000 wellbores are now available to NDR users via a direct link to the BGS National Geological Repository Core store. The easier access will enable greater collaboration and a deeper understanding of the subsurface. For more details go to

NDR API Now Available

The NDR Application Programming Interface (API) is now available. The API enables users to search for and download information that they are entitled to, for example, seamlessly from their internal corporate information systems (with integration by internal IT/IM).

Access to the API is available on completion of a signed API Agreement. Please contact to express your interest in API access and one of the NDR team will be happy to assist you.

Please note that access to the API is initially only available to those users who are associated with corporate entities, however please do contact us at the above email address to register your interest in API access if you are an individual public user.

Seismic Data Submission by SFTP Now Available

The NDR Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is now available for the submission of seismic data. The SFTP enables users to fulfil their seismic reporting obligations online without the need for transporting portable disks. Whilst this new workflow is in addition to the current loading process, we anticipate that it will be the preferred method due to the time it will save users.

Please continue to contact the OGA to obtain approval to load seismic data. Guides on the data submission process, with the updated instructions for the SFTP, are available here. Please note an SFTP client application shall need to be installed on your workstation to use the SFTP option.

Did you know that the following are available to download or order from the NDR?

All disclosed well data: 4.7 TB of digital well logs, various reports and other digital files and documents that have been gathered over more than five decades of UKCS operations have been disclosed via the NDR. Data from over 12,000 wellbores becomes eligible for disclosure continually. Users may order, for delivery on media, the full disclosed data collection – the package is updated on a quarterly basis, with the choice of a full package or just the last quarter’s data being offered, if users wish to add in increments. Modest costs for time and materials are recovered by the OGA’s NDR contractor for orders on media.

All disclosed seismic data:  A 12.3 TB package of Pre-Stack and Post-Stack seismic data, associated reports and ancillary data from disclosed proprietary surveys, is available to order from the NDR. Similarly, a package of 3 TB of Field seismic data is also available. As with disclosed well data, the packages are updated each quarter, with incremental packages being made available too. Modest costs for time and materials are recovered by the OGA’s NDR contractor for orders on media.

PGS SNS Mega-Survey version 2: The OGA acquired the 2016 version of this regional data set and has made it available via the NDR in support of the OGA’s 32nd Offshore Licensing Round. The OGA does not charge for access to the 875 GB of 3D SEG-Y and ancillary data. Note that a modest charge for time and materials will be recovered by the OGA’s NDR contractor for orders on media.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the NDR

The OGA has been asked on a number of occasions about how any personal data contained in information submitted to the NDR will be protected.

The information reported to the NDR is being collected, and may be published, in the exercise of a function conferred on the OGA by legislation. The OGA does not require personal data to be provided in information. Relevant persons may, if they wish, remove any personal data from information before it is submitted to the NDR.

If relevant persons have concerns that they are not compliant with data protection legislation in submitting information to the NDR, they should seek independent legal advice.

The OGA’s policy on handling personal information is available here.


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