MER UK Forum & Task Forces

The MER UK Forum brings together government, industry and the OGA, and provides strategic direction, oversight and support, helping to create alignment, accountability and collective action on key priorities. Government ministers, industry leaders and representatives of the OGA attend the meetings which take place twice a year.

Initially there were seven MER UK Boards working on core priority areas, following a review in early 2017 these have been renamed Task Forces with the exception of the Technology Leadership Board (TLB) which is a well-established brand. They have also been reduced from seven to six, the Regional Development and Infrastructure board carried out some excellent work which has successfully been completed, therefore with agreement from the Board it has been disbanded. The first MER UK Forum and Boards annual review was published in February 2017, this outlines the highlights from 2016 and the priorities for 2017. It can be viewed here.

The six Task Forces are:

Also, as a result of the review a MER UK Steering Group has been established. This currently has 13 members and is co-chaired by Andy Samuel, OGA and Greta Lydecker, Chevron. They will meet at least twice a year and agree topics to be discussed at the MER UK Forum, have oversight of the six Task Forces and provide assurance on the delivery of their activities. They will also discuss and review key strategic issues facing the industry.