Existing technologies

Reservoir and well management - deployable technologies

Areas Technologies
Surveillance and inspection
  • Natural tracers and introduced tracers for production monitoring, also phase-specific applications to oil, gas, water and HPHT (Apache, Total, Bridge, Alpha)
  • Fibre DAS DTS (BP, Apache, Wintershall, Equinor) retrofit in mature wells (RepsolSinopec, Spirit Energy)
  • Carbon fibre rods for DTS DAS (TAQA)
  • Cost effective production logging tool (PLT) (Total)
  • Saturation logging tool pulsed neutron log (PNL) in chalk formations (BP)
  • Permanent downhole pressure gauges for suspended wells (Apache, Hurricane)
  • Subsea B-annulus pressure monitoring (Total)
  • Anuli non intrusive inspections (Total) and leak detection temp/acoustic sensing (Apache)
  • Monitoring casing strings conditions (Total)
Data analytics
  • Analytics for distributed sensing (BP, CNOOC)
  • Data mining efficiencies (Anasuria)
  • Automatic production optimisation and water injection systems (Equinor)
  • Cycling wells optimisation (Total)
Artificial Lift and Flow Assurance
  • Automated gas lift optimisation (Apache, Alpha)
  • CBM and control algorithms for ESP reliability and long life (Equinor, Perenco, Corallian, Decipher, Chevron, EnQuest)
  • Foam applications for liquid loading (Wintershall) automated foaming operations (Spirit Energy)
  • Surfactants and demulsifiers to enhance water injection rates (Apache, Spirit Energy)
  • Capillary strings retrofit (Chrysaor)
  • Scaling - acid treatment downhole screens (Spirit), acoustic break up (Total)
  • Waxing – removal methods e.g. foam pigs, bidirectional rigid pigs, pressure jets, ice slurry, and heating systems (Chrysaor)
  • Autonomous inflow control devices (Alpha, Apache)
Well intervention
  • Coiled tubing interventions (Apache, Total)
  • Artificial lift retrofit (EnQuest, Apache)
  • Water shut offs, flow conformance chemicals (Apache)
  • Leak remediation, expandable tubing, resins (Chrysaor)
  • Wellbore sand CT vacuum removal (Perenco)
  • Polymer EOR (Bridge, Equinor, Chevron, BP, Premier)
  • Low-Sal EOR (BP)
  • Microbial EOR (CNOOC)

Supporting information


  • Fibre optic monitoring utilising distributed acoustic and distributed temperature sensors provide valuable information on
    - production zones
    - cross flow
    - production and injection profiles
  • Permanent installation allows for dynamic flow conditions supporting effective decision making
  • A disposable, low cost fibre line well monitoring system has been successfully trialled onshore in the US and the UK. The system has been commercially deployed onshore United States and South America. It is currently involved in offshore trials for different operators in the UKCS

Data analytics

Data analytics
  • Apache UK utilises a reservoir simulator that takes full advantage of parallel and multi-core processing
  • The system can process large data volumes of varied at speed
    - seismic
    - rock properties
    - well history
  • Supports a range of simulations including compositional, thermal and black oil models
  • The system has since been deployed in another basin where Apache has interests