Existing technologies

Facilities decommissioning - deployable technologies

Areas Technologies
Surveying and planning
  • 3D printing – complete scale model of platform for planning of module removal sequence (CNR)
Late life asset management
  • Low-power lighting for ‘light house mode’ (Perenco)
Topsides and jacket preparation and removal
  • Gravity-based structures content sampling (Shell, Apache)
  • Jacket lifting clamps (CNR)
  • Remotely operated latching pins for jackets (CNR)
  • Supersizing diamond wire cutting (CNR)
  • Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and cutting tooling (Fairfield)
  • Single lift for topsides and jackets (Shell, Apache, Chrysaor, EnQuest)
  • Shear keys for gravity based legs (Shell)
Subsea decommissioning
  • Pipeline decommissioning (NSMP)
  • Long-term subsea substrate modelling (Perenco)
  • Tool to cut, seal and lift bundles (CNR)
  • Methods to hot tap, flush and grout subsea pipelines (CNR)
  • Anchor handling vessel and reverse reel for riser removal (Ithaca)

Supporting information

Late life facilities

Late life facilities

  • Digital technologies and asset management tools utilised on producing assets will provide future CoP efficiency benefits
    - detailed asset and material knowledge
    - support planning / selection of decommissioning process
  • To support decommissioning of the Murchison platform, CNR utilised an interactive 3D topsides model. Premier have built a virtual walk through model of the Balmoral floating production vessel (FPV)
  • Like the nuclear industry, operators should consider how to use additive manufacturing for use in facilities in late life stage.

Structure removal

Structure removal
  • To maintain efficiency gains innovative for surface and subsea structure removal is necessary
    - enhance current techniques (e.g. hydraulic grapple tools)
    - alternative technologies (e.g. buoyancy barges)
  • Shell’s Brent decommissioning programme has delivered ongoing technology innovation
    - attic oil sonar survey
    - oil recovery from topsides
    - conductor laser cutting
    - use of shear keys and single lift interface system

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