Existing and Emerging technologies

Reservoir & Well Management

Sub category Technologies TRL Operators Case Studies
Surveillance and Inspection  Remote/Remedial Well Surveillance - instrumented wellhead equipment (e.g. VR transmitter), wireless annulus pressure monitoring, wireless downhole instrumentation etc.   8-9  Spirit   
Spectral Noise Logging Tool for Reservoir flow surveillance   8-9  Apache   
Using Magnetic susceptibility on core/cuttings to determine reservoir quality   8-9  Chrysaor   
Use of time series data management system for condition monitoring and surveillance of ESP fleet (Apache) NNS  8-9  Apache   
Incorporation of unique chemical tracers in lower completion assemblies to help establish zonal contribution during multi-zone well testing and indicate SSD isolation function   8-9  Apache   
Subsea Data Gatherer - for downhole pressure and temperature gauge information on suspended production well to allow monitoring of subsea well’s between completion and connection to the flowline system.   8-9  Apache   
Heavy oil tracer - working with vendor to improve effectiveness of tracer technology in heavy oil.  6-7  Enquest   
Non-Intrusive Flow metering, non-intrusive well fluid flow surveillance technology   6-7  Chrysaor   
Fibre optic line dropped into well which will then dissolve, this will highlight leak within the well   6-7  Chrysaor  FLI Case study 
Pulsed Neutron - the application of new pulsed neutron and production logging tools, coupled with custom in-house nuclear models and data processing to reduce uncertainty and inform potential infill well opportunities   1-3  BP   
Fibre optic Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS) Data evaluation tool development. Net Zero Technology Centre direct partnership project developing a software tool   4-5  CNOOC/BP   
Overburden Management - Compaction Monitoring Indicators used which will identify compaction via a logging run   1-3  Total   
Production Optimisation and Enhanced Recovery  Tight gas – optimising Frac design and execution strategies based on subsurface characterisation   8-9  Shell   
SWAGL - simultaneous water and gas lift, a simple, reliable artificial lift system as an alternative to ESPs, with reduced CAPEX and OPEX and potentially CO2 footprint  8.9  Equinor   
LPSWI IOR - Low Pressure Sea Water Injection (LPSWI) to give reliable and predictable sea water injection support (<5 bar WHP)   8-9  Apache   
EOR Microbial Application - Enhanced oil recovery by activating in-situ microbes that reduce interfacial tension between water and oil   8-9  CNOOC   
Viscosity Reducing agent - chemical treatment of wells to assist in production optimisation   8-9  Enquest   
Automatic production optimisation - online software tool that will continuously monitor and optimize the production from ESP lifted oil wells in a cost and energy efficient manner   8-9  Equinor   
Wireline applied stimulation pulses – downhole tool generates pressure pulses using discharge of stored electricity to breakdown scale build-up  6-7  Repsol Sinopec   WASP Case Study
Downhole tool to jet/drill short multi-laterals from a wellbore to increased reservoir access (drainage radius) from slot-limited platforms or low productivity formations  4-5   BP   
Data physics project for reservoir modelling/ qualitative optimisation, developing an AI/ML driven reservoir modelling and forecasting software tool to optimise injected water redistribution.  4-5  CNOOC   
CCUS applications for reducing GHG emissions and improving reservoir recovery through EOR.   1-3  CNR   
Polymer EOR - low cost, non-damaging polymer EOR  4-5  Ithaca   
Waxing, Hydrates and Scaling Solutions  Calcium Napthenate inhibitor - speciality chemical for napthenate formation inhibition   8-9  Premier   
Exotic inorganic scale management - development of chemical or mechanical means of handling Lead and Zinc Sulphide scaling issues   1-3  Total   
Oil flow assurance - pour point depressant / wax inhibitor strategy   1-3  Total   
Liquid Loading and water production  Downhole diluent injection & modelling - completion solution for downhole diluent injection in ESP equipped wells. Pump runs on 2 7/8" slim tubing that allows for downhole injection of diluent.   8-9  Equinor   
Alternate conveyed ESP systems - investigation and field trial of alternate deployed (e.g. coil/cable), remedial ESP systems, alternate motors (e.g. permanent magnetic)   8-9   Apache   
Optimal diluent allocation system - to maintain optimal diluent injection rate upstream of ESPs based on well measurements and micro well testing   1-3  Equinor   
Sand and Solids Management  Participant in the University of Aberdeen Sand Injectite Group (SIRG JIP) - Thin injectite driven geology   8-9  Apache   
Wellhead sand knockout – Topsides sand knockout units, multiple application re-injection system   8-9  Chrysaor   
Technologies to address evolving composition of well fluids - different demands on sand/erosion monitoring   8-9  Centrica   
Acoustic Sand Monitoring System - algorithm to detect sand using acoustic monitoring system. Supported by Net Zero Technology Centre funding   1-3  Repsol   
Well Intervention & Intervention Equipment  Tubing Snake - intervention tool to allow access below parted/damaged tubulars   8-9  Apache   
Smart Choke - Smart choke valve operated through pressure pulse signatures from surface, eradicating the requirement of a hydraulic control/balance line, to reinstate closed in wells   8-9  Shell   
Expandable pipe / polymer resins - Tubing to annulus leaks   8-9  Chrysaor   
Micro-polymers - designed to fill unwanted gaps in well equipment, cements and the formation rock, fully blocking permeability and preventing the unwanted flow of subsurface fluids.   8-9  Spirit   
Plastic armoured hose as an alternative to conventional coiled tubing  8-9  Centrica   
Reservoir fluid Property Prediction - integrate results from exploration drilling into a mechanistic prediction of geographical viscosity trends in Tertiary biodegraded oils.   6-7  Apache   
Springblade patch (now an expandable bonded sleeve patch)  6-7  Shell   
Subsea Flow Assurance Module - (FAM)Modify subsea prod choke insert to squeeze/kill well squeeze the well with ROVSV instead of high cost LWIV   1-3  Anasuria Operating Company   
Diverless choke override tool - TLS-P1 Choke change without divers (fabricate equipment)   1-3  Anasuria Operating Company   


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