Open Permission - Emergency Pipeline Deposit

To allow urgent deposits to be made in emergency situations, PWA holder can apply for an open permission.

In this context, an open permission is a type of approval that the OGA issues once, to cover a whole class of regulated acts. This constitutes the OGA’s prior consent to all PWA Holders to make deposits where the deposit is necessary in order to avoid or reduce the risk of the pipeline immediately rupturing or leaking, or to avoid or reduce an immediate risk to the continued use of the pipeline, subject to the further conditions and exclusions set out in the open permission.

If a PWA Holder is satisfied that the open permission encompasses the deposit in question, and provided that the conditions and restrictions are fulfilled and complied with, the PWA holder can make its deposit without further individual permission from the OGA. However, separate approval must be still be sought from the BEIS Environmental Management Team, in the usual way.

It is the responsibility of the PWA holder proposing to use an open permission to be sure that it covers the deposit in question, and to ensure the satisfaction of the permission’s provisions. The OGA will not provide legal advice. If the open permission does not apply, the PWA holder must apply for consent in the usual way, using the deposit consent template (MS Word Document, 1.95MB)

As a condition of use, the open permission requires the PWA holder to complete and submit the template to the OGA by 0900 on the next working day following the date of the emergency deposit.

This open permission does not apply to pipelines that do not have a PWA.