The OGA regulates the licensing of exploration and development of England’s onshore oil and gas resources, and it has strict controls in place to ensure that operators manage the risk of induced seismicity from such operations. The OGA issues well consents, development programme approvals, completion of work programme approvals and production consents.

The OGA has published two key documents: the OGA Guidance on the Onshore Regulatory Regime and the OGA Onshore Decision-Making Framework. For full transparency, the two documents can be found below.

The OGA Guidance on the Onshore Regulatory Regime, which consolidates previously available guidance, sets out how the OGA will normally consider stated matters and is not a substitute for any regulation or law and is not legal advice; and,

The OGA Onshore Decision-Making Framework is a consolidation of the methods the OGA has been working with to take decisions on onshore matters and placed within the context of our statutory obligations set out in the Energy Act. This is internal guidance for OGA staff.