Transboundary fields

The development and operation of fields extending beyond the limits of the UKCS, or fields wholly on one or another Continental Shelf which require the development of new transboundary pipeline infrastructure or wells and control facilities, will require a formal agreement between the States concerned.

The agreement may make part, or all, of the Field Development Plan subject to the approval of the parties to the agreement.

The issues to be addressed in any such inter-Governmental negotiations are likely to vary from project to project. However, a principal policy objective will be to seek to put in place a framework that ensures that the benefits arising from any such development are apportioned in a fair and equitable way.

Licensees are advised to seek early, specific guidance from the OGA during the screening stage for any development proposal that may have transboundary implications. The authorisation time-scale for transboundary fields will depend on the level of agreement needed between the States concerned. A Framework Treaty between the UK and Norway is already in place.

Please direct any comments or queries to the relevant OGA Area Team contact.

Transboundary oil and gas fields with Norway

A Framework Treaty between the UK and Norway is already in place.

The guidance notes below are designed to help companies through the process of seeking government approval for the development of transboundary reservoirs that extend across the median line between the UK and Norway.

They have been developed jointly with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and include links to both UK and Norwegian legislation and guidance. They should not be read in isolation from that legislation.

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