Tight Gas

The OGA estimates that there are some 3.8 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of remaining gas resources within the Southern North Sea (SNS), inclusive of infill opportunities, undeveloped discoveries and prospects.

Tight gas reservoirs are often disregarded as both high cost and high risk. Licence holders tend to focus their resources on opportunities that are less complex, have lower development costs and higher recovery factors.

OGA’s Tight Gas Strategy sets out a high-level overview.  The successful implementation and delivery of this Tight Gas Strategy aims to help deliver tight gas developments across the SNS in support of the Strategy and OGA’s objectives and priorities within the Corporate Plan.

Beyond the immediate benefits, the development of tight gas opportunities also has the ability to extend the economic life of remaining infrastructure and thereafter stimulate field redevelopments, as well as, marginal pools. Further tangible benefits may also be derived by the local supply chain through the stimulation of activity, as well as, building local capability and expertise in tight gas.

 The OGA’s tight gas ambition is to:

  • Drive the economic development of some 3.8 tcf from tight gas reservoirs across the SNS
  • Support existing tight gas projects and ensure readiness for future projects
  • Support collaboration to reduce both costs and risks by sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Identify and promote opportunities to campaign activities across licences and drive economies of scale
  • Ensure appropriate technology is developed and deployed to support the economic recovery of tight gas, consistent with demand

The eight-step implementation programme maps out a range of activities intended to deliver the OGA’s tight gas ambition:

  • Existing tight gas developments
  • Future tight gas developments
  • Workshops and industry partnerships
  • Technology development and deployment
  • Knowledge sharing and best practice
  • Co-ordinating the supply chain

Tight Gas remains a focus workstream for the OGA and EEEGR SNS Rejuvenation Special Interest Group:  

  • The Group have produced the Tight Gas Post Well Review ToR and data template which we have been used on  a number of fields.
  • The OGA Tight Gas Post Well Review data sheet has been developed with input from a number of operators and service companies with tight gas interests in the SNS and furthermore who are participants in the EEGR SNS Rejuvenation Tight Gas Work Group. The data sheet aims to capture the quantitative details of a simulation programme after the well has been drilled. Information collected from operators will be anonymised and fed into a database of tight gas multi-fracced wells that have been drilled over the last fifteen years. The database will be available to any operator who expresses an interest in drilling tight gas wells in the SNS and wishes to perform analysis of analogue data during the planning and design stages of a reservoir stimulation programme. 

SNS Tight Gas Stimulation Document

The purpose of this document is to help industry efficiently conduct the stimulation of tight gas reservoirs in the UK Southern North Sea (SNS). The document is intended to provide relevant information aimed at existing and new entrant SNS operators who may benefit from an overview of stimulation techniques and new technologies. The document has been prepared in support of the OGA Southern North Sea Tight Gas Strategy, published in June 2017.

It is expected that this document will be periodically revised and updated as technology and working practices evolve. The intention is to seek feedback through relevant industry work groups and events, such as the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) Tight Gas Work Group as well as anonymised insights obtained by the OGA through asset stewardship reviews.