The development phase of the oil and gas life cycle covers the period after an economic discovery has been made and details the processes required to take the discovery up to, but before, the production phase.

This includes the field development plan (FDP) process. An approved field development plan is required before any new field or any significant extension of an existing field can be developed.  

Maximising recovery from clusters of fields, as well as individual fields, coupled with optimal usage of infrastructure will maximise economic recovery and value.

We are developing regional strategies to consider development, and their infrastructure, holistically rather than on an individual basis, and help to make sure that barriers to regional development are removed and critical infrastructure hubs are protected.

Successful EOR can play a significant role in maximising economic recovery from the UKCS by increasing the volume of recovery, extending field life, creating and maintaining jobs, help stimulate field redevelopments and defer decommissioning activities. The importance of encouraging industry uptake of EOR was outlined in the Wood Maximising Recovery review.