This year’s survey has been enhanced based on feedback from Operators and Licensees. A detailed report of the changes can be found below and was updated on 17/09/2020

A reminder of the main changes are listed below:

  • All sections will have reviewed guidance notes.
  • Most sections will have improved QC to further enhance data quality – with some requiring clarification comments to try and reduce the correction requests returned.
  • Master data (wells, fields, etc) continues to be improved, but still  comes with a request for Operator review prior to Survey Launch.
  • Improvements to the WONS system has allowed the reduction of data input into the Wells section of the survey by up to a 1/3.

The UKCS Stewardship Survey created a single source of aligned, robust data. Its analysis underpins all aspects of our work. It continues to be used to inform asset stewardship reviews and provide meaningful insights of UKCS fields and hubs, helping to build regional strategies and area plans and aids benchmarking. This approach to data collection also creates a virtuous cycle of data quality improvement over time which was our primary focus for the 2020 launch.

The requests in the UKCS Stewardship Survey are linked to the obligations set out in the Strategy. Areas covered by the survey include:

  • Licensing/Exploration and Appraisal
  • Reserves & Resources
  • Operator activities, including production and costs
  • Wells
  • Production Efficiency
  • Decommissioning
  • Technology
  • Supply Chain

The 2020 UKCS Stewardship Survey will launch on 30th October 2020 and closes on 26th February 2021. Please Note: As in previous years the Activity section will close on 15th January 2021, This section closes earlier than the rest of the Survey so that up-to-date data can be used to inform the OGA’s estimates and projections of expenditure and production which it provides to the Office for Budget Responsibility ahead of the Spring Statement.

OGA Stewardship Survey 2020 Supporting Documentation

OGA Stewardship Survey historic supporting documentation