Terms of Reference

Terms of reference.


  • OGA and Industry co-chair, defining task force principles and terms of reference
  • OGA provides Secretariat to support task force
  • Industry co-chair or representative will represent the task force at the North Sea Transition Steering Group
  • Task force membership comprises a diverse group of senior operations and business managers from operators, supply chain and other industry sectors
  • Task force membership derived from commitment to active attendance and contribution
  • Task force priorities delivered via task groups with clear terms of reference and a small number of deliverables per annum


Revitalise exploration in the UKCS in order to add reserves to replace production and secure longevity of the basin through the following:

  • Delivery and monitor task force Priorities
  • Leadership and support for revitalising exploration in the UKCS
  • Prove UKCS exploration continues to offer significant growth opportunities to the UK industry
  • Promote collaboration and sharing of data in order to minimize number of dry holes
  • Provide important communication and feedback channel for industry, regulator & government on all exploration related matters.
  • Ensure close collaboration with all other Task Forces, especially the TLB. Maintain and develop relationships with the OGTC, North Sea & Atlantic Margin Regulatory Bodies, Oil & Gas UK, OGIA, BRINDEX and IAGC.