Interactive maps and tools

Web based map showing OGA data on the UKCS

Web based map showing OGA data onshore in the UK

Explore and download data and studies released ahead of the 31st Round

Download available Regional Geological Maps and view schedule for future deliveries

Explore the 30th Round Data

Web based map to view and access relinquishments and their subsequent reports from 2014 onwards (Pre 2014 relinquishments will be added soon).

Search map of individual quadrants

Explore the Undeveloped Discoveries Montage

Search for wellbore header information directly from the WONS database

Search for recent licence documents. Electronic versions of PEDLs are available from the 11th Onshore Licence and of Offshore Production Licences from the 20th round onwards.

UKOilandGasData is an online resource storing metadata about UKCS offshore oil and gas wells, 2D and 3D seismic surveys, infrastructure, licences and fields managed by CDA. CDA is a not-for-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary of Oil and Gas UK.

A charitable body providing a substantial open access resource of commercial data on the deep geology beneath our feet, promoting education research and development. Content is managed by Lynx.

Web application provided by Geocap, which allows you to view OGA’s Government funded seismic data.

Unlocking Undeveloped Discoveries