Seismic data

  • 2015 geophysical surveys

    29th Frontier Round data packages are available for download via the OilandGasData portal.

    Subsurface data has been made freely available to support evaluation of two frontier areas which will be available in the 29th Offshore Licensing Round: the North Rockall Basin and the Mid North Sea High/Forth Approaches Basins.

    Data packages are available as a workstation-ready product (Petrel), as well as in software independent formats (eg, SEG-Y, LAS). Data available includes:

    • Processed long-offset, broadband 2D seismic data – pre-stack time migrated (full offset stack and angle stacks) for newly acquired regional surveys
    • Legacy 2D seismic lines supplied by Western Geco, selected reprocessed lines
    • Raw seismic data (SEG-D Field Data) is also be available on request – a media and handling charge will apply
    • Gravity and magnetic data, plus interpreted maps and gridded surfaces
    • Digital data from released hydrocarbon exploration wells including spliced digital well logs, selected well reports and well header information. Refer to Joined Digital Well Logs listing (MS XLS, 0.16Mb)

    Data packages less than 20 GB in size may be downloaded, and larger data packages are available for order on physical media.

    For technical assistance, please email:

    Rockall Trough

    The Rockall Trough area, in the Outer Hebrides is under-explored, with just 12 exploration wells since 1980. It does have a proven working petroleum system - Benbecula discovery in 2000 - but prior to the government funded seismic survey most of the seismic data was pre-1998.

    Survey information (PDF, 1.6MB, 8 pages)

    Mid-North Sea High

    In the Mid-North Sea High area, new advances in seismic acquisition broadband technology, longer streamer length and advances in processing technology can now improve deeper imaging. We targeted deeper Palaeozoic penetration and also acquired data close to shore to transfer critical onshore knowledge.

    Survey information (PDF, 1.6MB, 8 pages)

    Additional information

    If you have specific questions about the UK Government-funded seismic project, Please email

    Maps & GIS shape files

    In addition to the data obtained and released by the OGA, there are a number of commercial datasets available. Access the map portal for details.

  • 2016 geophysical surveys

    The OGA is currently carrying out seismic acquisition in two additional frontier areas, South West Britain, and the East Shetland Platform. This seismic data will be supplemented by a package of reprocessed legacy seismic data, gravity and magnetic data, and a well data package.

    This data is currently scheduled to be released during Q3 2017.