Supply Chain and Exports Task Force

Suppy Chain and Exports task force

The Supply Chain and Exports task force continues to work collaboratively across trade associations, government and regulators to highlight and strengthen the capability of the UK oil and gas service sector.

The task force has key relationships with BEIS, Socttish Enterprise, DIT and Oil and Gas uk as well as other industry task forces.

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Terms of reference

Principles of operation

  • The strategy and priorities of the task force will be agreed by the members
  • The leads of the priority workgroups will be agreed by the co-chairs of the task force and progress/action reported back to the full task force
  • The OGA and Industry lead will represent the task force at the North Sea Transition Forum
  • The meetings will take place four times per year and will be predominantly held in Aberdeen, albeit there may be occasions to consider other locations.
  • The Chairs will be responsible for preparing agendas and conducting meetings.
  • The Secretariat will arrange for the agenda to be sent to all members prior to the meetings and will track agreed actions from meetings. They will also provide an element of support to workgroup leaders where appropriate.
  • The Secretariat will record and circulate the minutes, including key action points, wishing two weeks of the meeting. Once agreed the minutes will be published on the OGA website.
  • All documents marked as confidential should be treated as such and are not for circulation beyond the members of the task force.

Contact details

For details about the North Sea Transition Forum and the task forces please contact: