North Sea Transition Forum & Task Forces

The North Sea Transition Forum

Previously known as the MER UK Forum the North Sea Transition Forum is a unique tripartite approach and brings together the Oil and Authority (OGA), ministers and officials from both the UK and Scottish governments, trade unions and  representatives from the oil and gas industry.

The Forum sits at the top of a ‘structure’ which includes a steering group and 7 industry task forces.  The Forum, oversees, directs and provides senior government and industry leadership.

The objectives of the North Sea Transition forum are:

  • Provide Strategic direction, oversight and support of the offshore oil and gas industry.
  • Drive alignment, accountability, action and delivery on priorities including net zero.

Whilst the Forum was initially set up in support of MER UK and maximising UK value from the oil and gas industry as a whole, it has evolved to include other key issues including the vitally important energy transition to a low carbon economy and the role the oil and gas sector has to play to achieve net zero. 

North Sea Transition Steering Group

The North Sea Transition Steering Group has oversight and co-ordinates the work for the North Sea Transition Task Forces, discusses and reviews strategic matters and ensures that key topics are discussed at the North Sea Transition Forum. 

Task Forces

Each Task Force, is led by an industry representative with support from OGA and Oil & Gas UK and representatives from across industry.  The task forces are important vehicles for driving innovation and improvements.

The seven Task Forces are:

Industry Cultural Champion

Steve Phimister, VP and Director, Shell UK was appointed Industry Cultural Change Champion in 2017, this role alongside the task force leaders, is to act as a catalyst for behaviour change to embed, sustain and accelerate the cultural change of the industry through the integration, prioritisation and sponsorship of change activities.