Ambition & priorities

We have set out our ambition and priorities to help drive focused action and delivery, and have worked closely with the industry to publish a series of sector strategies to support MER UK.

Published in March 2016, the OGA Corporate Plan 2016–21 describes the OGA’s priorities and plans. Alongside this, in line with the recommendation of the Wood Review, we have published a number of sector strategies that describe how we intend to meet the shared objective of maximising economic recovery of offshore oil and gas.

Our ambition

Our ambition is to be the world-leading authority setting the framework for a sustainable and competitive UK oil and gas industry.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to maximise the economic recovery of oil and gas.

Our priorities

  • Revitalise exploration

    Implementing a licensing regime that encourages high levels of exploration, using data, analysis and insights to proactively influence and help incentivise exploration on the UKCS and improve success rates.

  • Improve asset stewardship

    Stewarding the development of UK oil and gas resources and working with industry to optimise efficiency while maintaining high standards of safety and environmental management.

  • Drive regional development and protect critical infrastructure

    Seeing the big picture and maximising the sum of the parts, making sure that barriers to regional development are removed and that critical infrastructure and production hubs are protected.

  • Improve decommissioning efficiency

    Achieving the maximum extension of field life and ensuring that decommissioning is executed in a safe, environmentally sound and cost effective manner and that the UK gains a competitive industrial capability.

  • Leverage technology and data

    Ensuring that existing technologies are deployed to their full effect, relevant new technologies are developed and that the collection, analysis and sharing of data is used to maximise economic recovery.

  • Create the right conditions

    Engaging with industry, government and others to create an operating environment and supply chain that supports MER UK, sustaining high levels of skilled employment, economic value and energy security for the UK.

  • Develop people, processes and systems

    Creating a diverse, high-performing team and a great place to work, where employees are supported to develop their capability, in an organisation with simple processes and systems.