Flaring and Venting

The OGA’s offshore flaring and venting regime aims at eliminating unnecessary or wasteful flaring and venting of gas.

The OGA Strategy, which came into force in February 2021, incorporates a range of net zero obligations for the UK oil and gas industry, including a requirement for relevant persons to, in securing that the maximum value of economically recoverable petroleum is recovered, take appropriate steps to assist the Secretary of State in meeting the net zero target. This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions from sources such as flaring and venting.

In the UKCS Flaring and Venting 2020 Report, the OGA has for the first time expanded its benchmarking to the flaring and venting of greenhouse gases on the UKCS - detailing flaring and venting activity levels in the North Sea and the resulting contribution to UK oil and gas greenhouse gas emissions.


Flaring and venting report