Flaring and Venting

The OGA’s offshore flaring and venting regime aims at eliminating unnecessary or wasteful flaring and venting of gas.

The OGA recognises that some flaring and venting from petroleum installation and relevant facilities is unavoidable. However, the OGA requires this flaring and venting to be kept to a technically and economically justified minimum and in order to ensure this the OGA are currently undertaking a review of the regime.  As part of this review we have introduced performance benchmarking, which has a proven track record of delivering significant performance improvements, and intend to publish a report in Summer 2020.

Policy Position - Flaring and Venting

Policy Position - flaring and venting

From time to time, should a specific need arise, the OGA will publish policy positions. These are brief statements to set out or clarify the OGA’s objectives and considerations in relation to a specific issue.