Existing technologies

Well plugging and abandonment - deployable technologies

Areas Technologies
Data and planning
  • Multi-well campaign planning (Tullow, ConocoPhillips, Spirit Energy)
Well inspection and cement conditions
  • Efficient logs and surveys in the planning phase with preparation for intervention (Anasuria, Premier)
  • Use of cement bond logging and data modelling (Marathon, Shell)
Intervention equipment
  • Efficient clean up tools (Total)
  • CT deployed perforating guns and isolation tools (Tullow)
Tubing and casing section removal
  • Tubing agitator technology (Conoco)
  • Optimised section milling (CNR) One trip section milling (Conoco)
  • Abrasive water jetting for well head removal (Total, Marathon)
  • Downhole pulling technologies (Fairfield)
  • Hydraulic mast / heavy duty workover for P&A (CNR)
Barrier materials and placement
  • Anulus perf / wash / cement (Conoco, Chrysaor, Shell, Endeavour)
  • Thru-tubing abandonment technologies, incl. perf, expanding slurries, agitators, pressure testing (Shell)

Supporting information

Multi well campaigns

Multi well campaigns
  • Multi-operator and multi-well campaigns can de-risk well abandonments, delivering cost and programme efficiencies
  • Enabling technologies (e.g. AI, data mining) can assist the abandonment planning process
  • ConocoPhillips and Spirit Energy realised significant savings by collaborating on a joint SNS well P&A campaign, sharing knowledge, expertise and bespoke equipment

Tubing and casing removal

Tubing and casing removal
  • Innovations in existing cutting techniques and technologies have reduced cutting times and support one trip operations
  • Shell, CNR, Total and Marathon have deployed enhanced cutting tools in P&A (e.g. improved section milling, abrasive water jet)

Barrier deployment

Barrier deployment
  • Perf, wash and cement technology could potentially reduce the costs of plugging across multiple annuli without milling
  • This technique is used in other basins, but it has not been deployed extensively in the UKCS
  • It is under assessment by a number of UK operators

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