Existing technologies

Well drilling and completions- deployable technologies

Areas Technologies
Design and planning
  • Advanced modelling/simulation for well planning (BP) using FullStream and PreDIX (Chrysaor)
  • Execution efficiency platform for decision making (ConocoPhillips)
  • Extended reach drilling (Cairn, Burgate, Chrysaor, Corallian, Marathon) working to extend its range (Total, ConocoPhillips)
  • Slim-hole wells (TAQA, Chrysaor, Shell)
  • Reduced casing string design (Whalsay Energy)
Drilling equipment and operations
  • Remotely operated pipe handling, drilling monitoring and automation - (Equinor, BP, EnQuest)
  • Real time pressure prediction (Equinor, BP, EnQuest) and managed pressure drilling (ConocoPhillips, TAQA)
  • ‘Rigid-lock’ well head system to overcome structural challenges (Dana)
  • Offshore treatment of mud and drill cuttings (Equinor, EnQuest, Dana)
  • Drilling fluids optimisation (CNR) Designer muds for well interventions (WIs) (EnQuest)
  • Riser-less mud recovery (EnQuest)
  • Experience with advanced drilling bits and tools (Apache, Chevron)
  • Thin reservoir contact maximisation (BP, Premier, ConocoPhillips, Decipher, Hurricane)
  • MWD, LWD, ‘ahead of the bit’ reservoir imaging using ultra-deep resistivity (EnQuest, Marathon, Whalsay, RepsolSinopec)
Casing and completions
  • High torque tubing and casing (Apache)
  • High pressure, high temperature (HPHT) ceramic sand screens (Shell)
  • Hydrailic submersible pumps (HSPs) for heavy oil, ESP late life upgrades, reliability and high water cut (Apache, EnQuest)
  • SWAGL - simultaneous water/gas lift design (Equinor)
  • Downhole diluent injection (Equinor)
  • Multi-laterals (Ithaca, CNR, Whalsay Energy, Premier)
  • Cost effective, optimised multi-stage hydraulic fracking (Spirit, INEOS, ConocoPhillips)
  • Dissolvable plugs for multistage fracking in long-reach wells and chalk formations (ConocoPhillips)

Supporting information


  • Geosteering technologies allow operators to optimise targeting and landing of their wellbores (e.g. in thin reservoir developments)
  • Premier and Equinor have had success deploying steerable drilling systems during new and asset life extension field developments
  • EnQuest successfully used advanced reservoir imaging while drilling to interpret reservoir up to 100ft from wellbore
    – reduced well placement uncertainty
    – increased confidence for side tracks
    – improved reserve estimates and geological models

Technologies for efficient drilling operations

Technologies for efficient drilling operations
  • EnQuest deployed four key technologies to de-risk the Kracken development:
    – a riser less mud recovery system which provided a build capability in unconsolidated sand
    – offshore thermal cuttings processing resulted in logistical efficiencies due to not waiting on weather
    – an innovative reversible oil based mud for water injection reducing equipment levels
    – real time pressure prediction was used to optimise drilling performance and increasing assurance

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