Emerging technologies

Well drilling and completions - new and emerging technologies

Areas Technologies
Drilling equipment, operations and data gathering
  • Automated drilling control systems (Equinor)
  • Wired drill pipe for high speed telemetry (Equinor)
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) tools to define viscosity and permeability (Whalsay Energy)
  • Designer muds for ERD (Serica)
  • Surface blowout preventer (BOP) for deep water mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) (Chevron)
  • Coiled tubing drilling (Centrica, Premier, Total)
  • Self healing cement (Bridge)
Casing and completions
  • Suction pile conductor for unconsolidated seabeds (Siccar Point, CNOOC, ConocoPhillips, Total)
  • Stabbed-in cementing system for subsea (Chevron)
  • Well life cementing for ultra HPHT (Total)
  • Steam injection – HT completion components (Pharis)
  • Multi lateral gravel pack solutions (Whalsay Energy)
  • Subsea well head solids removal (Spirit Energy)
  • High frequency (HF) localised electric heating for flow assurance (Tullow)
  • Alternative retrofit pumps for wells end of life recovery (Apache)
  • Stimulation techniques alternative to hydraulic fracking BlueSpark, Fishbone, Perf guns (IOG, CNOOC, RepsolSinopec, Total, Shell)
  • Dissolving perforating guns (no need to be retrieved) (Shell)
  • Stimulation opportunity for infill wells (BP)
  • Cost-efficient fracking/re-fracking of non productive wells (Perenco)

Supporting information


  • Advances in analytics, sensors and control systems allows for greater automation of drilling processes
  • Equinor deployed wired drill pipe to help unlock the complex Mariner development.
  • High speed telemetry has enabled greater use of analytics thereby improving drilling mechanics, hydraulics control, and petrophysical understanding


  • Alternative technologies to hydraulic fracturing (e.g. pulsed stimulation and needle lateral systems) could improve recovery and operational efficiencies
  • Equinor and AkerBP have invested in unconventional needle jetting stimulation technology
    - utilising erosion and chemical dissolution, formation penetration is made by an array of laterals
    - provides bespoke and specialised stimulation solutions 

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