Well drilling and completions

Well drilling and completion technologies can help to reduce well costs and improve well value. They assist operators to:

  • achieve cost efficiencies (e.g. through enhanced work practices, design simplification and alternative drilling strategies)
  • develop more complex fields (e.g. HPHT and tight reservoirs)
  • create more valuable wells (e.g. improve reserves per well and production rates)

The majority of these technologies are provided by the established UK supply chain or being developed in partnership with operators.

Industry insights

  • Delivering more value from their wells is a key operator objective
  • Advances in geosteering, casing, completions and stimulation are helping to reduce risk
  • Technology can deliver wells that are longer, multi-lateral, better targeted, at higher pressures and temperatures
  • Many of these technologies are readily available from the supply chain but there is the opportunity for wider operator utilisation
  • Further knowledge and technology developments have widened the opportunity for operators to utilise managed pressure drilling, extended reach drilling (ERD) and slim-hole drilling techniques
  • Technology can contribute to a reduction in NPT, for example better understanding and management of borehole stability

Technology categories

Well graph

Technology maturity

Well graph 2
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Reduced casing string designs and slim-hole
  • MWD and geo-steering
  • Technologies for efficient operations and NPT reduction
  • Drilling automation
  • Multilateral well design
  • Smart completions
  • Alternative reservoir stimulation technologies