Emerging technologies

Subsea systems - new and emerging technologies

Areas Technologies
Low cost subsea options
  • Lighter over-trawlable systems or remove need for (Total)
  • Small scale unmanned solutions for deep-water applications (Siccar Point)
  • Deepwater subsea tieback technologies for West of Shetland (WoS) (Siccar Point)
  • Long subsea tieback technologies (Siccar Point, BP)
Local subsea systems
  • All electric subsea control systems (Total)
  • Alternative local energy systems (Shell, Total)
  • Subsea storage of chemicals and hydraulics (Shell, Total)
  • Subsea HPHT and UHPHT (Total)
  • All electric trees for small stranded UHPHT applications (Total)
  • HT reservoirs WoS (Total)
  • Technologies for small HPHT reservoirs (Total)
Flow assurance and metering
  • ‘Advanced flow assurance and simulation technologies (Total, Wintershall)
  • Subsea multiphase flowmeters without need for intervention (Alpha)
  • Pipeline drag reducers (multiple Operators)
  • Alternatives to intelligent pigging (pulsed eddy current technology)
  • HF localised electric heating for flow assurance (Tullow)
Subsea separation processing and boosting
  • Multiphase subsea pumping systems (multiple Operators)
  • Multiphase boosting, pumping and metering systems (5+ operators)
  • Subsea processing (5+ operators)
  • Small scale compression and local power systems (Total, Premier)

Supporting information

Low cost subsea options

Low cost subsea options
  • The OGTC ‘Tie Back of the Future’ initiative aims to unlock the large volume of marginal discoveries through:
    - rapid tie backs
    - 50% cost reduction
    - no marginal development stranded due to associated technology

All electric subsea systems

All electric subsea systems

  • Total has piloted the use of an all electric subsea XTree and well (eDHSV) following a 10 year R&D programme
  • Results in simplified umbilical, enabling longer tie-backs

Alternative local power and storage systems

Alternative local power and storage systems

  • The OGTC has supported the wet trail of a subsea power hub. This provides local power from seabed currents and local subsea power storage
  • Developing local hydraulic and chemical storage systems is a step towards minimising or eliminating umbilical systems that could be an enabler for longer tiebacks

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