Existing technologies

Seismic and exploration - deployable technologies

Areas Technologies
Geophysical acquisition
  • 3D broadband, e.g. Geostreamer, Isometrix, Broadseis, P-Cable (Azinor, Marathon, Chrysaor, Equinor)
  • Multi-azimuth and multi-source (CDG, BP)
  • Ocean bottom nodes (Equinor, CNOOC, Chevron, Corallian, Dana)
  • Electro-magnetic survey (Bridge Petroleum)
Imaging and Processing
  • 3D seismic reprocessing (Cairn, Corallian, RepsolSinopec, ExxonMobil, Hurricane, Shell)
  • Pre-stack inversion to discriminate lithology and fluid and improve imaging of injectites (Apache)
  • Migration algorithms: Least square (Apache), Generalised radon transform (Zennor)
  • Advanced amplitute variation with offset (AVO) and full-waveform inversion (FWI) (Apache, Equinor, BP, CNOOC)
  • Steerable streamers & repeatability criteria for high-quality 4D (Apache)
  • Deep-tow high-res 4D acquisition and processing (BP)
  • 4D acquisition using ocean bottom cables (Premier)
  • 4D processing (Dana, CNOOC, RepsolSinopec, TAQA Total)
  • Formation pressure log (Total)
  • Isotopic analyser of mud gases for overburden characterisation (Total)

Supporting information

Combining 3D broadband and latest inversion technology

Combining 3D broadband and latest inversion technology
  • 3D broadband, multi-azimuth and multi-source to increase definition and reach
  • Integrated geoscience processing techniques for greater accuracy and contrast
    – Velocity modelling
    – Combined with gravity data (eg sub-salt)
    – Targeted Multiple Attenuation
    – AVO
    – FWI and high frequency FWI
  • Critical to illuminate difficult UKCS targets (e.g. Pre- Zechstein, sub-salt, and injectites)

4D seismic

4 Seismic
  • 4D provides key benefits
    – improve reservoir management
    – optimise infill drilling
    – maximise recovery
  • Use of 4D seismic has helped extend the field life of Apache’s Forties field, identifying remaining oil targets and improving reservoir management
  • Shell has successfully utilised 4D to derisk infill drilling in the Gannet cluster

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