Emerging technologies

Reservoir and well management - new and emerging technologies

Areas Technologies
Production surveillance
  • HT logging tools (CNOOC)
  • Downhole flow meters and gauges (Whalsay Energy)
  • Fibre, permanent sensors, wireless (Total)
Artificial lift and flow assurance
  • Retrofit gas lift (BP)
  • Capillary string in subsea wells (Shell)
  • Sand control alternatives, bullhead (Spirit Energy)
  • Wireline deployed ESPs (Perenco)
  • ESP new design for improved reliability and life (Equinor)
  • Twin screw pumps for heavy oil (Whalsay Energy)
  • Water shut off, advanced methods using nanotechnology (CNOOC, OGTC)
  • Scale prevention / inhibition (Marathon) prevention of SSSV issues (Total)
  • Wax prevention and remediation (Apache, Chrysaor, Hurricane, EnQuest)
  • HF localised electric heating for flow assurance (Tullow)
Well integrity
  • Overburden monitoring and permanent 4D using fibre DAS and vertical seismic profiles (Total)
  • Detection and repair of parted conductors (Total)
  • Autonomous inflow control devices (Alpha, Apache)
  • Water injection, voidage replacement optimisation (CNOOC, Apache, Spirit Energy)
  • Subsea raw water injection (i3, Apache, Chrysaor)
  • Low-cost, non damaging polymers (Chevron)
  • Foam EOR (Neptune)
  • Next generation designer water (BP)
  • Reservoir recovery parameters, IOR/EOR screening and pilots programmes (Apache, Anasuria, EnQuest)

Supporting information

Advances in flow assurance

Advances in flow assurance
  • Flow assurance is an ongoing challenges
  • Technology and mitigation processes are under development (e.g. chemical, ultrasonic disruption and localised heat treatment)
  • Using a LWIV, Shell cost effectively deployed ceramic sand screens in its Gannet field
  • These are been assessed by Shell for HPHT applications


  • There are EOR technologies that could deliver value for the UKCS
    - polymer
    - low salinity
    - miscible gas
  • BP’s low salinity Clair ridge development is expected to deliver an additional 35mm barrels of oil
  • Chevron plan to use polymer EOR for the Captain development with several new field developments being made polymer ready
  • Other EOR methods are demonstrating potential (e.g. microbial, steam, foam and CO2)

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