Existing technologies

Installations and topsides - deployable technologies

Areas Technologies
Fluids treatment and processing
  • Small scale separation process for out of specification water (Spirit Energy)
  • Efficient gas/oil separation prior to transporting oil in pipelines (Total)
  • Simplified separation and dehydration scheme on Bentley (Whalsay Energy)
  • Separation technology for high water cut application (Perenco)
  • Multiphase booster compressor for gas and liquids to minimise system complexity (ONE)
  • Naphthenate control using wash tanks (Pharis Energy)
  • Produced water treatment and handling (Alpha Petroleum, INEOS, Chrysaor) and using silicon carbide membrane (Shell) online analyser (Equinor)
  • H2S treatment technologies( Parkmead, CNOOC)
Control and automation
  • Full remote control and automation capability via satellite on Solan field (Premier)
  • Platform automation, remote monitoring and control (Apache, Total, Spirit)
Flow measurement & metering
  • Virtual metering (Apache)
  • Upgrade of existing meters to ultrasonic meters (KNOC)
  • Enhanced water treatment using centrifuge technology (Perenco)
NUI Technology
  • Low cost NUI facility in Southern North Sea (SNS) (IOG)
  • Automation and remote monitoring to enable conversion of existing facilities towards NUI status in SNS (Premier)
  • Suction pile mono pod NUI application (RepsolSinopec)
  • Cost effective NUI operations (Apache)

Supporting information

Compact water treatment

Compact water treatment
  • Alpha Petroleum’s SNS Kilmar platform utilised a compact water treatment package following greater than expected water production
  • Lack of deck space, platform weight and crane lifting restriction required a novel solution.
  • The technology demonstrated that compact low cost water treatment solutions can be installed on unmanned platforms.

Low cost platforms

Low cost platforms
  • Efficient NUI concept used by ONE in Dutch Sector of SNS
  • Modular re-usable system provides low cost platform option for water depths up to 55m.
  • Platform generates local power through platform mounted wind turbines and solar panels demonstrating a novel approach that could be used for UK SNS gas fields.

Facilities upgrades

Facilities upgrades
  • Existing facilities are often challenged by limitations on deck space and weight to accommodate upgrades.
  • Repsol Sinopec used a suction pile monopod as a low cost alternative to an adjacent standalone platform.
  • This technology offers opportunities for efficient upgrade for other UKCS platforms.

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