Emerging technologies

Installations and topsides - new and emerging technologies

Areas Technologies
Heavy Oil
  • Offshore steam to improve recovery of heavy oil discoveries (Pharis-Energy)
  • High temperature safety valve, flow control devices and non condensable solvent injection with steam  (Pharis Energy)
  • Compact processing technologies for heavy oil streams (Equinor)
  • Non intrusive flow measurement devices (CNOOC)
  • Accurate multiphase heavy oil metering (Equinor)
  • High accuracy gas metering (Spirit Energy)
  • Testing of new topsides and downhole metering concepts (Equinor)
Flow assurance
  • Naphthenate control using wash tanks (Total, Pharis Energy)
  • Inlet and outlet gas quality specification through use of advanced algorithms (CATS management)
  • Reduce topsides back pressures  (Total), CAPEX-efficient and power-efficient solutions (SNS operators)
  • Unmanned developments for small fields (Parkmead)
  • Mini floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) solutions (Sumitomo)
  • Enhanced turret systems and polyester mooring lines (Chevron)
  • Low cost HPHT wellhead platforms (Total)
  • Low cost subsea systems and platforms for shallow water (Premier, OK Energy)
  • Re usable suction pile jackets (OK Energy)
  • Gas to liquids technologies (Spirit Energy)
  • Technology for extracting energy from waste water (Centrica Storage)
  • Inefficient condensate recovery through continuous separation and automation (Spirit Energy)
  • New membrane technologies (Equinor, Wintershall)

Supporting information

Novel floating facilities

Novel floating facilities
  • Range of novel floating concepts are being progressed
  • OGTC ‘Facility of the future’ initiative is underway to explore how to push the boundary of unmanned facilities (including unmanned production buoys)
  • Such novel concepts could potentially enable marginal discovery development through cluster type developments



  • Non-intrusive flowmeter using piezo-electric transducers. Trialled onshore with view to offshore field trial.
  • Non-intrusive multiphase flow measurement device using laser technology and machine learning. OGTC supported project undergoing calibration trials to ready system for commercial deployment

Heavy Oil

Heavy Oil

  • Key technologies are being developed by industry to address operators’ heavy oil technology needs
  • High temperature downhole safety valve to enable offshore steam flooding project being supported by OGTC
  • 3 in 1 heavy oil flowmeter with real time flowrate, density and viscosity capability. Currently at development stage with OGTC support

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