Existing technologies

Facilities management - deployable technologies

Areas Technologies
Wearable and wireless technologies
  • Wider 4G coverage 
  • More devices ATEX rated 
  • Body-mounted cameras, mobile data/communication (5+ operators)
Hard-to-reach area inspections
  • Drones (10+ operators), splash zone and subsea crawlers (Chrysaor, Shell, Dana, RepsolSinopec, CNR)
  • Visual (10+ operators), Forward looking infrared (FLIR) (RepsolSinopec, BP, EnQuest, Shell, Spirit Energy), CT pipeline scanner (Shell, RepsolSinopec)
Composite repairs
  • Fabric repairs (10+ operators)
  • Structural repairs (RepsolSinopec, CNOOC, Conoco, Shell)
  • Repairs in splash zone and other very harsh areas (Shell)
Corrosion detection and monitoring
  • Detection - ultrasound (thickness), pulse-eddy current (flaws), x-rays (internal) (10+ operators)
  • Monitoring (Shell, Chevron)
Real-time asset monitoring
  • Condition based monitoring (CBM) rotating equipment (5+ operators)
  • Subsea electrical fault finding (BP, Marathon, Shell, Total)
  • Onshore virtual centres (5+ operators)
Asset digitalisation
  • 3D asset surveying – photogrammetry and laser scanning (10+ operators), including subsea (Shell), point and shoot survey (Shell)

Supporting information

Wearable cameras and communication (voice / visual / data)

Wearable cameras and communication (voice / visual / data)
  • Mobile working reduces inspection cycle time delivering operational efficiencies
  • Operators Repsol and Chrysaor have deployed wearable technology on their brownfield assets improving reporting and enabling data trending
  • Technology enables service level operations from supply chain

Drones for hard to reach areas

Drones for hard to reach areas
  • Anasuria and Total have deployed on FPSOs and large complex assets
  • New sensors are multiplying capability (e.g. FLIR, LIDAR)
    - OPEX efficiencies
    - safety improvements
    - asset life extension
  • The supply chain is delivering more value, integrating data collection and analysis processes

Integrated operating centres

Integrated operating centres
  • Operators (Chevron, RepsolSinopec, Conoco and BP) have deployed IOCs on their asset portfolio
  • Integrated with vendors fault finding systems
  • The Montrose and Arbroath IOCs (RepsolSinopec) have increased uptime, aided production optimisation, enhanced safety and reduced OPEX

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