Emerging technologies

Facilities management - new and emerging technologies

Areas Technologies
Non intrusive inspections
  • On-line vessel/tank inspection without entry - ultrasonic corrosion mapping, time of flight diffraction (5+ operators, OGTC)
  • Corrosion detection without insulation removal, enhanced/pulse-eddy current (RepsolSinopec, CNOOC, Chrysaor, CATs, Taqa, OGTC)
Autonomous and robotic systems
  • Beyond line of sight drones (Spirit Energy)
  • Robotic arms, autonomous multitasking robots (Total, Shell, Chevron, OGTC)
  • Autonomous drone external corrosion survey (BP)
Corrosion prevention
  • Live-line and surface tolerant coatings, protective and self healing coatings, hydrophobic and free draining coatings (CATs, Centrica Storage, Chevron, Repsol Sinopec, Shell)
  • Flange and bolt protection (Shell, Chevron, CNOOC, CATs)
Predictive maintenance
  • ‘Health and Usage Monitoring Systems’, digital analytics (5+ operators)
  • Vibration analysis cameras (Apache)
Additive manufacturing
  • Offshore component manufacture (Shell, Total)

Supporting information

Non-intrusive inspection

Non-intrusive inspection
  • Total and the OGTC completed on-line field trials on the Elgin Franklin platform
  • Repsol Sinopec have widely adopted NII
    - results correlate with traditional techniques
    - no downtime or safety challenges
    - in many cases NII is being seen as more effective than an internal visual inspection

Autonomous and robotic systems

Autonomous and robotic systems
  • Total and the OGTC are trailing an autonomous inspection robot at the Shetland Gas Plant. An offshore trial is planned on the Alwyn platform
  • System performs visual inspections, reading dials, gauges and valves
    - safety and cost benefits
    - supports alternative facility designs
  • Development has transferred from academia to real world trialling.

Corrosion prevention

Corrosion prevention
  • New coating technology advances corrosion monitoring to prevention
  • Total and CNOOC have trialled a self healing ceramic phosphate coating on aging assets
  • Shell have successfully used hydrophobic barriers on Shearwater and Nelson
  • Supply chain transferring technology from other sectors (e.g. downstream)

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