Emerging technologies

Facilities decommissioning - new and emerging technologies

Areas Technologies
Surveying and planning
  • Decommissioning planning (CNOOC and OGTC)
Topsides and jacket preparation and removal
  • Alternative, more cost-effective cutting and removal techniques for jacket and topsides (Perenco, Apache, TAQA)
  • External hydraulic lifting tools (CNR)
Subsea decommissioning
  • Leaving mattresses in place, potential rock dumping for ‘trawlability’ (Alpha)
  • Drill cutting analysis vacuum tool (Total)
Site monitoring
  • Ocean power technologies for site monitoring and guard buoys (Premier)
  • AUV technologies for site monitoring (Shell)

Supporting information

Cutting and removal

Cutting and removal
  • Cost effective alternatives to the cutting and removal of steel could be economic and operational benefits
  • Accelerated corrosion through electrochemical dissolution is one potential technology
    - OGTC have supported a feasibility study, inclusive of providing the technique on workshop-scale steel components
    - follow up preparations are underway for larger scale trial

Site monitoring technologies

Site monitoring technologies
  • Technologies to validate and monitor decommissioned sites when required are under assessment
  • Challenged by remote location and lack of supporting infrastructure, linking local power generation, communication buoy technology or passive sensors may provide a solution
  • Industry efficiencies could result from a campaign or joint operator approach

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