Facilities decommissioning

Whilst many decommissioning technologies are existing tools, operators require developments that:

  • improve efficiencies in decommissioning survey, planning and management
  • reduce the cost of facilities conditioning and removal (e.g. cleaning, preparation, cutting and lifting surface and subsurface facilities)

Industry insights

  • Technology has focused on subsea and surface structure removal (e.g. topside one piece/single lift removal, flotation lift systems, leg cutting). Ongoing developments will provide further efficiencies
  • Ancillary technologies (modelling, use of alternative/ temporary energy sources and infrastructure) will provide for more effective decommissioning workflows
  • Utilising existing technologies to their optimum effect is an industry priority, with opportunities to learn from other industry sectors (e.g. salvage, nuclear)
  • The engaged supply chain provides most of the technology solutions. Operators’ experience has provided some in-house developments
  • Decommissioning has environmental challenges. Technologies to analysis drill cutting piles, site monitoring and cell isolation have been identified and present collaboration opportunities

Technology categories

technology categories

Technology maturity

Technology maturity
  • Digital and remote surveying
  • Technologies for effiicent ‘light-house’ operations
  • Cutting and removal technologies
  • Bundle sealing and cutting
  • Alternative cutting technologies (e.g. laser, corrosive fluids)
  • Subsea removals
  • Efficient site monitoring (autonomous underwater vehicles [AUVs], passive sensors)