The UKCS is one of the world’s most technologically advanced and diverse hydrocarbon provinces with a successful track record in pioneering new technologies throughout 50-year development and production history.

We work with the industry to make sure that existing technologies are deployed to their full effect and relevant new technologies are developed and used to maximise economic recovery and total value added from the UKCS.

Sustaining investments in the adoption, adaption and development of mature and new technology solutions has the potential to transform development, production performance and cost effectiveness in the UKCS.

Successful implementation of technology can extend the life of mature fields and reduce their eventual decommissioning costs. It can also improve the economics of many new, smaller or technically challenging fields, helping to unlock up to half of the 3 billion barrels of oil equivalent of existing discoveries not being developed.

Technology will also play a crucial role in the energy transition from oil and gas to renewables. Innovation across the life cycle from exploration through production to decommissioning and potentially reusing and repurposing existing assets will enable the industry to minimise emissions at each stage and, in the case of carbon storage facilities, trap potentially harmful gas emissions.

Through our annual Technology Insights report we highlight new developments and encourage collaboration to bring positive changes for the twin goals of MER and achieving net zero.

Our technology strategy aims to create the right conditions on the UKCS to:

  • Achieve MER UK objectives by revitalising exploration, enabling the development of marginal discoveries, and reducing the cost of developments, operations 
  • Achieve net zero objectives by harnessing new technology to support emission reduction across the UKCS
  • by reinforcing the position of the UK as a global centre of excellence in oil and gas technology for equipment and services.

The strategy will be implemented by the Technology Leadership Board, the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) and the OGA, working together to encourage the industry to deploy appropriate technology solutions.

We will continue to support the development of the OGTC and other similar initiatives across the UK that aim to help deliver MER UK, whilst supporting the drive to net zero carbon by 2050, such as the East of England Energy Group.