Existing and Emerging technologies

Well Plugging & Abandonment table

Sub domain Technologies TRL Operators Case Studies
Well Inspection and Cement Condition  Multi String Isolation logging – MSIL technology for multi-layer cement bond quality and isolation evaluation   8-9  Enquest/Chrysaor   
Pressure wave logging tool to determine acoustic tags of TOC for cement barrier evaluation 8-9  Chrysaor   
Low cost well intervention to assess cement condition, prior to rig activity  6-7  Anasuria Op. Co.   
Data and Planning  CFD well bore modelling of behaviour in a well bore following a barrier failure  8-9  Repsol Sinopec   
Computer modelling to justify reduced or risk-based isolation strategies -Utilisation of existing reservoir management software to enable simulation of potential flow of hydrocarbons (including cross flow) through identified leak paths   8-9  Shell   
Shale Barrier predictions – DCM analysis to predict abandonment barriers from conventional log data  6-7  Shell   
Intervention Equipment  Plug & Punch on Digital Slick Line allows for both these operations to be combined in 1 run compared to 2 runs with conventional slickline 8-9  Shell   
Rigless P&A using LWIV or DSV  6-7  Spirit/Alpha/BP/Centrica/CNR   
SIS (Surface Integrity System) Tool – shallow well suspension plug setting without wireline intervention spread 4-5  Centrica   
Tubing and casing section Removal  Open hole 300' tubing cut, recovery and layout on seabed for subsequent uplift by CSV allows LWIV only subsea well abandonment  8-9  CNR   
Deep Casing Tools – “Casing Cement Breaker”  6-7  Total/Equinor  DCT-Case-Study_Equinor-Huldra-Field.pdf (deepcasingtools.com) 
SPEX explosive severance solutions  4-5  Total   
SPEX Gel Propellant tool - for remedial cement removal  4-5  Chrysaor   
Plasma radial cutting torch for tubulars/casing/section milling  1-3  CNR   
Bespoke surface multi-string cutting during phase 3 abandonment 1-3  Shell   
Thermal casing removal using rocket fuel propellant 1-3  Total   
Barriers Placement and Verification  Agitator tool to enable effective cement placement around un-centralised tubing  8-9  Shell   
Viscous gel plug base for setting tubing and annular cement barrier  8-9  CNR   
Tracer compound prior to plugging, to allow tracking of any potential leak paths  8-9  Spirit   
Chemical isolation – water shut-off in large liner wells  6-7  Enquest   
Thermite barrier plug technology  4-5  Chrysaor/Centrica   
Bismuth metal Alloy plugs  1-3  Repsol/Chrysaor   
Alternative barriers to reduce Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) risks with surface wellheads  1-3  BP   
Scale plugs creating a mineral seal  1-3  Spirit   
Resins as alternative to cement  1-3  Repsol   
Thru tubing P&A to eliminate the need for Rigs 1-3  BP/Shell   
Shale as a barrier – collapsible formations where production casing straddles collapsible formations  1-3  Shell/Total/ Chrysaor   
Conductor Removal  Control cutter – multi string conductor cutting and pinning  8-9  Chrysaor   
Down hole conductor cutting - Laser Cutting system    Chrysaor   


The technologies referred to in this report are for illustrative purposes only and other technologies may be available. The OGA does not directly or indirectly endorse, recommend or guarantee any entity, product or technology referred to in this report.