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Remote Opening Downhole Isolation Barrier Valve


Total E&P UK wanted to increase the efficiency of its Laggan Tormore subsea well operation by eliminating all interventions during completion mode. If Total E&P UK could not bring the well online remotely, then rig modifications would have been required, as the rig was not capable of running the combined subsea tree, emergency disconnect package (EDP), and lower riser package (LRP) as with larger, more modern rigs.

How it works

Using the eMotion®-LV remotely operated isolation barrier valve as a shallowset barrier to facilitate the removal of the BOP and installation of the subsea tree. The eMotion-LV valve offered remote opening capabilities, which removed the requirement for rig upgrades while increasing operational efficiencies.

The remote closure of the eMotion-LV valve allowed Total E&P UK to set a secondary well barrier prior to removing the BOP and installing the subsea tree. The well was brought online by opening the eMotion-LV valve remotely via a 125km main umbilical MEG line, which eliminated the need for rig upgrades – thus avoiding approximately 10–14 days of rig time.


e-Motion -LV remotely operated Isolation barrier valve

TRL 8-9


Using the eMotion-LV valve as a remotely operated shallow barrier enabled the well to be brought online remotely from a 125km main umbilical MEG line, and saved Total E&P UK two weeks of rig time, delivering significant cost savings. The successful installation of the eMotion-LV valve in this application has given Total E&P UK confidence to modify its completion installation program for future wells if connected to a processing plant. Now that the technology has been proven in this application, a light well intervention (LWI) could be used for contingency opening of the eMotion-LV valve. This would further increase operational efficiencies by not mobilizing the EDP/LRP and moving the rig as soon as the subsea tree commissioning was completed.


Remote Opening of eMotion®-LV Valve Delivers Cost Savings ( 

Case Study


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