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SeaCure Cementing Technology

SeaCure is a mechanical subsea cementing system, improving the placement and performance and reducing needs for remedial cementing, generally applicable to most subsea wells. 

The Net Zero Technology Centre project to develop test and Certify SeaCure for use, delivering stabbed-in inner string cementing for subsea wells, eliminating the need for shoe tracks and improving cement placement and drill out performance, a completely mechanical system with no electronics or hydraulics, optimising cement jobs and saving rig time. 

Industry trials in subsea wells indicate a saving of approximately 8 to 10 hours per well over conventional cement jobs.


SeaCure Cementing technology

Entry TRL 7, Target TRL 9

SeaCure Cementing technology


Thanks to funding from The Net Zero Technology Centre, DeltaTek completed successful trials both onshore and offshore, with several major operators in the UK North Sea, with the technology providing a range of major cost and time benefits to drilling and field development operations.

Results (Premier Solan):


Drilled 20” shoe out under-gauge without clean-out run, saving 12 hours. Bit drilled to TD with no issues. Cement confirmed back at seabed 360bbls into a 571bbls job. Solid casing pressure test after cement job before BOP installation. Saved cement head equipment and personnel plus cost of SSR plug sets. No BHA failures in next section.



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