Existing and Emerging technologies

Well Drilling and Construction

Sub category Technologies TRL Operators Case Studies
Well Design and Planning Intelligent Well Planning Software  8-9 BP/Chrysaor  
Rigid Lock deepwater technology – applied to shallow water application  8-9 KNOC  
Drilling automation monitoring system  8-9 Chrysaor  
Big bore wells  6-7 Chrysaor  
ROV Augmented reality  6-7 Chrysaor  
Drilling Machine Learning (University of Edinburgh)  6-7 Chrysaor  
Drilling project management Software  1-3 Chrysaor  
Drilling Equipment Mud treatment equipment for improved working environment  8-9 Equinor  
TCC Thermal cutting cleaning unit  8-9 Equinor  
Ultrasonic Well bore Geometry tool  8-9 Equinor  
Deep directional resistivity tool  8-9 Repsol Sinopec/Premier  
PDC bits with 3D shaped cutters  8-9 Apache/Ithaca  
DIG Realtime data analysis process  8-9 Apache  
Hybrid bits - hard interbedded drilling  8-9 Apache  
Real Time drilling optimisation used in combination with High Frequency Torque Oscillation Dampener tool to manage tool operation and improve ROP 8-9 Apache  
High Dog leg capability drilling systems (High DLS) –  4-5 CNR  
D & W digitalisation Automated planning system for digital well planning  1-3 Equinor/Chrysaor  
Wired Drillpipe – wired for high speed broad band telemetry  4-5 Equinor/Chrysaor  
Automated drilling control system  1-3 Equinor  
Enhanced Predictive maintenance for drilling  6-7 Chrysaor  
Faster setting cement - CUE pilot  4-5 Ithaca  
Advanced Cuttings analysis (Continuous mineralogical analyses)  1-3 Equinor  
Ultrasonic wellbore geometry tool  1-3 Equinor  
Well Equipment HPHT Storm Choke – subsurface pressure controlled (ambient) valve to replace failed surface controlled SSSV  8-9 Shell  
Subsea Xmas Tree vessel installation  8-9 Chrysaor  
Remote operated downhole valve technology  1-3 Total Remote Operated Downhole safety valve case study
Annulus Safety Valves/Gas lift mandrels  1-3 Total  
Completions and Artificial Lift Master Surface Annulus Safety Valve  8-9 Apache  
Intelligent well completion  8-9 CNOOC  
Inflow control devices (ICDs)Use of ICDs to equalise inflow (improved sweep) and delay water breakthrough. Development of models to better predict near- and in- well effects for reservoir simulators.  8-9 Equinor  
Triple bore selector for triple bore production trees  6-7 TAQA  
Ultra HP /HT wellhead systems  6-7 Chrysaor  
Drilling Casing and cementing Post drilling well suspension to enable vessel installed XT’s  8-9 Chrysaor  
Cut and pull system for 9-5/8” casing cut  8-9 Apache  
Isotope Analysis - In house analysis allows quick and cost-effective analysis of gas isotopes acquired during drilling  8-9 Shell  
Dual Inclination survey tools DD  6-7 Chrysaor  
Highly Depleted reservoir drilling using pressurised drilling techniques  1-3 Total  
High Angle and ERD Consideration of extended reach drilling to access nearby abandoned field (Enquest) NNS 8-9 Enquest  
Multi Laterals Multilateral fracking technology for slot constrained fields – improvement in junction cementing and plugs for mother bores 8-9 CNR  
Enhanced Slot Recovery using multi-lateral and non-conventional approaches  8-9 Enquest  
Multilateral Whipstock improvements focus on junction cement and plugs for mother bore,  4-5 CNR  
MWD, LWD and Geosteering LWD Reservoir fluid sampling tools, recover fluid samples in large step out appraisal wells  8-9 Chrysaor  
LWD - Determine cement at the production packer setting depth - Confirm top of cement behind the 9-5/8” casing cemented under total loss conditions  8-9 Ithaca  
Ultra-deep azimuthal resistivity for deep reading sand architecture evaluation and geo-steering  1-3 Total  
Stimulation Hydraulically induced propped fracs  8-9 BP  
High Strength, high sphericity proppant  8-9 BP  
Petrophysics Tight Gas JIP, Innovative Well concepts (PetGas JIP)  4-5 CNOOC  
Disposable Ball-drop multistage frac technology 6-7 Chrysaor  


The technologies referred to in this report are for illustrative purposes only and other technologies may be available. The OGA does not directly or indirectly endorse, recommend or guarantee any entity, product or technology referred to in this report.