Existing and Emerging technologies

Subsea Systems

Sub category Technologies TRL Operators Case Studies
Pipelines, Risers, Jumpers and Connections Long distance tie-back technology  8-9 BP  
Pipeline By-Pass technologies: Hot Tap, Subsea Pipeline Connectors, Multiple isolation gel pig barriers for pipeline By-Pass  8-9 Chrysaor  
Liner bridge Polymer barrier technology – polymer barrier internal connector for polymer lined pipelines or bundles  8-9 Ithaca  
Riser Integrity fibre optics  8-9 Total  
Subsea coating protection system  8-9 Total  
Cost effective developments – low cost pipelines  8-9 Chrysaor  
Untrenched pipeline technologies  1-3 Chrysaor  
Combined Flowline and umbilical  4-5 Enquest  
Remote Local Jumper heating  1-3 Apache  
Manifolds Umbilical’s and Controls Universal SCM  8-9 KNOC/Shell  
CP Field Gradient Measurement system FIGS  8-9 Chrysaor  
Supercritical CO2 umbilical blockage remediation  6-7 Shell  
New generation subsea control systems  1-3 Chrysaor  
Compact low voltage standalone TDR Unit  6-7 KNOC  
Power Generation and Hydraulic Storage Subsea power system (Net Zero Technology Centre project)  4-5 Ithaca  
Wave motion energy power generating buoy  6-7 Chrysaor  
Subsea Power packs  6-7 Chrysaor  
Wave energy subsea power system  6-7    
Remote subsea power utilities  1-3 Apache  
Metering, Flow Assurance & Chemicals Subsea multi-phase flow meter for CNS/NNS  8-9 Premier/Alpha  
Processing Boosting & Storage Subsea processing to deliver injection quality water from direct seawater source 4-5 Apache  
Inspection and Intervention Systems Fast Flying high speed data acquisition, high resolution new generation inspection ROVs  8-9 Shell/Repsol Sinopec  
3D images of pipeline using stereoscopic cameras  8-9 Premier  
Umbilical IR monitoring and restoration 8-9 Chrysaor  
Multi diameter intelligent pig  8-9 Shell  
ACFM ROV deployed structural weld inspection tooling  8-9 Shell  
 Wideband acoustic technology on cleaning pigs to gain actionable insights of debris and pipeline condition  8-9 TAQA/Chrysaor Insonify case study
Hi DP Jetting cleaning pigs  8-9 Chrysaor  
Bypass foam pigs with built in data logger  8-9 Chrysaor  
ART – Acoustic Resonance technology  8-9 Total  
Fast Flying high speed data acquisition, high resolution new generation inspection ROVs  1-3 Chrysaor/Total  
Multibore ILI pipeline pigging  1-3 Chrysaor  
Freespan scanner on pigging tool  6-7 Apache  
Ice Pigging  4-5 Enquest  
ROV Deployed -Flexible flowline armour wire scanning  4-5 Apache  
Viewport 3D Geometric modelling/defect inspection  6-7 KNOC/Chrysaor  
Riser splash zone inspections – robotic systems  4-5 Chrysaor  
Subsea pulsed eddy current (replace Intelligent Pigging runs) 1-3 Shell  


The technologies referred to in this report are for illustrative purposes only and other technologies may be available. The OGA does not directly or indirectly endorse, recommend or guarantee any entity, product or technology referred to in this report.