Case Study – Data Analytics to Locate The Remaining Oil

Data Analytics to Locate The Remaining Oil (LTRO)

Improving existing software to combine data analytics with fractional flow physics, to forecast fluid movements and potential infill opportunities

Poseidon software offers a hybrid physics compliant workflow that can reduce the time for opportunity identification and forecasting, compared to conventional techniques. The integration of well and 4D seismic data, geological knowns and uncertainties within the analysis enables users to capture subsurface and production uncertainty, to optimise field investment decisions and de-risk infill drilling targets.

Industry Value

This software could deliver a significant saving in time and resources over traditional simulation history matching workflows, with potential to impact field recovery through improved location and development of remaining oil. Potential to unlock 420 million additional barrels across the UKCS

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Poseidon 4D constrained LTRO workflow

Entry TRL 5

Target TRL 8

The POSEIDONTM  software and workflows ability to predict and locate remaining hydrocarbons was significantly improved with integration of 4D seismic information as a global time-lapse physics constraint. The 4D seismic data allows the software’s remaining oil compliant mapping (ROCM) interpretation to conform to fluid contact uncertainty bands from different seismic inversion vintages. 

Lessons Learned 

The effective uncertainty associated with 4D interpretation was identified to be significant and must be conditioned with respect to the well data and geological realisations available. Within conventional workflows, a higher priority is assigned to the latest 4D vintage analysis, the inclusion of intermediate vintages enables better model predictability. 

Next Steps 

This solution demonstrated a robust and efficient approach to reservoir management across mature North Sea fields. The workflow now needs to be assessed across other provinces and geological settings to test suitability and adaptability. 



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Case Study

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