Existing and Emerging technologies

Seismic and Exploration

Sub category Technologies TRL Operators Case Studies
Geophysical Acquisition 4D high density source-receiver array to provide dense sampling required for fracture identification  8-9 BP  
Steerable streamers combined with strict 4D repeatability criteria for high-quality, low noise 4D time-lapse volumes 8-9 Apache  
Ocean bottom nodes  8-9 Equinor/Chrysaor  
Multi-sensor streamer surveys 8-9 Chrysaor  
4D Seismic acquisition  8-9 Total/Ithaca/BP  
Gravity & Magnetic acquisition during seismic survey to improve Earth Model e.g. depth to basement 8-9 Shell  
Vertical Seismic Profile - Use of VSP equipment to allow higher resolution seismic data gathering in vicinity of well bores 8-9 Total  
LWD High Resolution Acoustic Imaging in exploration and appraisal wells 8-9 Chrysaor  
LWD deep directional resistivity to confirm reservoir architecture and geosteering  8-9 Chrysaor  
Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) VSP  6-7 BP  
Edinburgh Time Lapse Consortia for 4D seismic research and seis to sim forward modelling. Sharing data sets for research purposes.   Ithaca, Taqa  
Processing and Imaging 3D Seismic data set reprocessing  8-9 Alpha, Apache, Chrysaor, Cairn, Azinor, KNOC, Shell, Repsol Sinopec  
4D Seismic data processing techniques 8-9 BP, Chrysaor, Apache, CNOOC, Heriot-Watt University, Total  
Seismic Inversion - Pre-stack Inversion 8-9 Equinor  
One dimensional stochastic inversion of TerraCube Post Stack Time Migration data to generate pseudo wells and rock properties 8-9 Ithaca  
Full Waveform Inversion (FWI)  8-9 Total, Apache, Cluff Natural resources  
Amplitude-Variation-with-Offset (AVO) Seismic Inversion  8-9 Equinor, Azinor, Burgate E&P  
Pre-stack Waveform Inversion – AVO hybrid 8-9 Equinor  
Controlled Source ElectroMagnetic (CSEM) / Magneto Telluric data resolution and interpretation improvements to improve model confidence 8-9 Chrysaor  
Fault Mapping using Artificial Intelligence  6-7 Ithaca, Cluff Natural Resources  
Innovative Full Waveform Inversion Processing Techniques  4-5 CNOOC/ /Sapient/Enquest  
Advanced Migration Algorithms – reduce noise & anomalous migration energy  6-7 Shell  
Subsurface Modelling Modelling software using machine learning to run history matches on field data sets for locate the remaining oil (LTRO) exercises 8-9 Shell  
Sim2Seis modelling to close the loop on reservoir modelling & optimise target infill drilling  8-9 Enquest  
Integrated subsurface modelling (static & dynamic)  8-9 Shell  
Geochemical fingerprinting/lab analysis to support subsurface modelling 8-9 Shell  
Proprietary Basin Modelling platform  8-9 Shell  
University of Aberdeen Sand Injectite Group (SIRG JIP) - Thin injectite driven geology  8-9 Apache  
Machine learning based missed pay identification  6-7 9 operators NNS Exploration Applying AI/Machine Learning
Virtual Reality for Outcrop and Subsurface  6-7 Shell  
Advanced seismic interpretation tools auto tracking of seismic horizons / cloud based seismic data interpretation  6-7 Shell/Chrysaor Seismic Data in the Cloud
Advances in biostratigraphic processing techniques combined with heavy mineral analysis -Triassic Reservoirs.  1-3 BP  
Chemostratigraphy Machine Learning Tool  4-5 CNOOC  
Data mining & AI to improve characterisation of undeveloped resources  6-7 Shell  
DE4RM – 4D geomechanical modelling  6-7 Equinor  
Geocellular modelling – focus on flexible grid design  6-7 Chrysaor  



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