Case Study – Well-Sense

FibreLine Disposable Fibre Optic Reservoir monitoring

FiberLine Intervention (FLI) from Well SENSE

Is a unique and innovative method of collecting diagnostic data from oil and gas wells using disposable fibre optics. FLI will quickly and cost effectively install a temporary fibre optic line or lines into a well for the purposes of performing distributed data sensing over its entire length in real time. FLI deploys a bare line and is completely disposable, being designed to dissolve in the well environment after use.

Using multiple fibres, a typical BiFli Survey captures DAS/DTS/Active sensor data

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Well-SENSE Disposable fibreline intervention

TRL 8-9


Data profiling can be used to understand a huge variety of behaviours, events and anomalies throughout the lifecycle of a well.

FLI is commonly used for completion and production applications such as cement assurance, gas lift optimisation, sand detection or flow monitoring, offset micro seismic assessment for fracking or drilling and looking at leaks or corrosion.


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