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Removing Scale and sand blockages in downhole tubing

A major operator in the Danish North Sea required a plug to be set in the upper tubing of their well. The initial set of the plug did not pass the pressure test due to CaCO3 scale in the tubing. The customer considered using an i-broach & brushes on slickline and/or jet/bead blasting on coiled-tubing to remove the scale.

However operators previous experience of successful use of BLUESPARK® to efficiently remove scale on multiple wells, and its compact size of spread allowing helicopter mobilisation to the rig steered them towards selecting BLUESPARK® Wasp instead.


  • Remove scale from the upper completion of the wellbore using electro-hydraulic pulsing technology.
  • BLUESPARK® equipment mobilized in 24 hours.
  • The BLUESPARK® 275 tool was transported by helicopter (including a complete backup set of tools) in a single flight to the rig (no special permitting required as there is no HAZMAT).
  • A 7.5 m (25 ft) interval was treated in an operating time of 6.25 hours
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  • Blue Spark Energy, the Wireline provider, and the client’s teams were able to load out the equipment and personnel in one day.
  • The modular, compact design of BLUESPARK® allowed the entire kit (with backups) to be flown in one helicopter trip.
  • BLUESPARK® cleaned the scale from the tubing section and tubing hanger, resulting is a successful plug set and test.
  • 4 days of rig time and considerable cost were saved.



NSEA-SR-146 (North Sea) — Blue Spark Energy 

Case Study


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