Case Study – Dana Petroleum

Emission Reduction Activities by Flare gas Recovery

Dana/KNOC reviewed how they could practically and economically reduce flared emissions.

  • Install a Flare Gas Ejector to the existing HP flare gas system
  • Modify systems to use gas import to minimise start-up flaring

Scope and Benefits:

Using a Liquid Jet Ejector with condensate as the motive fluid to recover flare/vent gas back into the production system, reducing emissions and boosting production

A reduction of c.50% in flare emissions is anticipated using Ejectors which is known technology. Further flare reduction scopes are anticipated to contribute towards an overall reduction in flaring emissions of c.60%

by 2024, subject to final in Triton FPSO CO2 emissions (relative to 2018 emissions) is anticipated from the above projects, all of which are currently economic



Flare gas recovery by ejectors using condensate as the motive fluid


  • A material reduction in emissions is possible on brownfield assets, even with known technology.
  • Making emission reduction part of all activity assessments as opposed to a stand-alone review can yield better results


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Case Study