Existing and Emerging technologies

Installations and Topsides

Sub category Technologies TRL Operators Case Studies
Fluid Separation, Treatment & Processing Novel small-scale separation process for out of spec produced water  8-9 Centrica  
Produced water optimisation using data analytics  8-9 Chrysaor  
Vapour recovery compression package to capture all operational Flaring  8-9 Chrysaor  
Variable speed drive technology to increase plant efficiency with correctly sized compression  8-9 Chrysaor  
Liquid Jet Ejector with condensate as the motive fluid to recover flare/vent gas back into the production system  8-9 Chrysaor/KNOC Emission Reduction Activities by Flare gas Reduction
Monetise excess gas via Gas to Liquids technology (Net Zero Technology Centre programme) 1-3 Spirit  
Gas Compression Analytics – use of data science methods to improve gas compression facilities up-time  4-5 KNOC  
Develop family of chemicals to manage heavy/light oil mixture for add heavy oil tieback to light oil system  4-5 KNOC  
Control Systems & Automation Subsea controls obsolescence solutions (reverse engineering to minimise full system replacement)  8-9 Chrysaor  
Operations control centre – onshore support control room  8-9 Equinor  
Local NUI Buoy with remote control for chemical injection and control functions  8-9 Carrick  
Fast opening high integrity large bore automated ESD valves to support flare recovery concept  8-9 Chrysaor  
Safety Insights software- capture high levels of shutdowns (ESD) and determine failure rates  6-7 Chrysaor  
Upgraded Controls technology to replace obsolete technology  1-3 BP  
Feature enabling control of two platforms from a third (master platform control system)  6-7 Chrysaor  
Automated and unmanned logistics  6-7 Chrysaor  
Metering & Monitoring Retrofittable multiphase flowmeter – lower cost lower CAPEX bolt on Flowmeter  8-9 Shell  
Virtual Metering – use of Delta V for flow computation/totalising 8-9 Apache  
NIR spectral analysis of production stream hydrocarbon characterisation, stream allocation and cell stock management. 8-9 Apache  
Flare metering/control software driven controller provides diagnostic capabilities and attempts to correct for measurement errors such as beam drift and contaminated transducers  8-9 Premier  
Oil in water analyser  8-9 Apache  
Double isolation orifice plate carrier allowing online changeout of orifice plates  8-9 Apache  
Reduce fuel gas consumption using Artificial Intelligence techniques 1-3 Spirit  
Multiphase metering for heavy oil – new mass flow meter for improved rate allocation and lower cost ?    
Improve accuracy of metering information available onshore to improve condition monitoring and accuracy of metering data  6-7 Chrysaor  
Using Machine Learning for virtual metering and operational envelopes  6-7 Shell  
Kalman filter techniques applied to manage uncertainty in well test allocation 6-7 Apache  
FPSO’s and FSO’s Minimum cost floating production facilities for marginal fields WoS including Production Buoys and small FPSO’s  8-9 Chrysaor  
Sevan 400 cylindrical FPSO to remove the need for a turret and reduceCAPEX.  8-9 Shell  
3D digital twin of asset (FPSO and subsea) which can be linked to data warehouse to ensure visualisation and storage of documents  1-3 Shell  
Compact unmanned processing concepts, new process technologies for reduce weight, unmanned operations, and improved efficiency  1-3 Equinor  
Mooring systems design and optimisation  1-3 Equinor  
Technologies to optimise floating production system design for optimal hull, topsides, offloading regularity and crew comfort  1-3 Equinor  
Fluid Injection & Reinjection Automatic water injection control system, technology for automatic operation of injection chokes 8-9 Equinor  
Drag Reducing Agent injected into seawater stream to increase water injection volumes  4-5 Spirit  
Power & Utilities LED Light Trial, reduce carbon footprint and reduce energy consumptions  8-9 Shell  
Hybrid power system, solar panels providing power and charging batteries, two small lean burn diesel engine driven generators in case renewable energy system fails.  8-9 Shell  
Onsite battery system to generate value for the site as well as providing power resilience. GHG emission reduction  8-9 Shell  
Remote power generation system for green field and brown field projects utilising renewables technology 8-9 KNOC  
Power from shore – from onshore renewables  8-9 Chrysaor  
Electrical interconnection of operated assets  8-9 Chrysaor  
Dual fuel low NOx emissions generators Aeroderivative turbine with increased power but lower NOx emissions  6-7 Equinor  
Power from Onshore, reduces carbon footprint dramatically and reduces maintenance requirement on generators etc  1-3 Shell  
Compact post-combustion CO2 capture and storage, CO2 injected into dedicated well or mixed with injection water  1-3 Equinor  


The technologies referred to in this report are for illustrative purposes only and other technologies may be available. The OGA does not directly or indirectly endorse, recommend or guarantee any entity, product or technology referred to in this report.