Case Study – Tooltec Caisson and Conductor Cleaning and Inspection Tool

Subsea Cleaning and Inspection Tool 

In a collaboration between TRAC Oil & Gas and ToolTec, this project developed a cleaning and inspection tool (Trac-Tec Tool) that can be remotely deployed from the platform, to clean and inspect various sizes and configurations of caissons and conductors in the area immediately above and below sea level, or 'splash zone'.

Typically, inspections are carried out by divers from a diving support vessels (DSVs) or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) deployed from the platform or a vessel. This can be challenging due to the sea state and proximity to the jacket structure, not to mention the use of support vessels being expensive.


The technology has the potential to reduce inspection costs by 50%, while improving safety, quality and efficiency.

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  • Splash Zone tooling  
  • Subsea Cleaning and Inspection tool 

Testing and Trials 

Phase one that focussed on the development of the tool, with the second phase proving the concept via field trial.

This new technology delivers a solution that removes the need for divers, ROVs and DSVs. 


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