Case Study – Net Zero Technology Centre/Oceaneering

Net Zero Technology Centre/Oceaneering SCT Project


Oceaneering Stress Concentration Tomography (SC T) a technology used to inspect buried pipelines, being developed into a new tool capable of rapidly screening insulated pipework for corrosion defects.

Industry Value:

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) pose a significant operational safety and economic challenge. Since 1984 , out of the 137 major Oil and Gas accidents reported within the EU, over 20% were associated with CUI.

It is estimated that CUI attributes 40 – 60% of process plant maintenance costs within the UK Continental shelf.

Deployment of SCTTM technology in this context has the potential to lower maintenance costs significantly as well as contributing to the reduction of hydrocarbon leaks.

FSCT Results

Oceaneering International – Stress Concentration Tomography.

  • Entry TRL 3
  • Target TRL 8


Stress Concentration Tomography tool development, and validation through field trials. Establishing detection probability figure based on pipeline characteristics.

Next Step:

Data collection for verification of the analysis algorithm.


Case Study


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